How Millennial Mommy Paige Michelle Helps Thousands of Other Women Stay Paid, Laid, and Personally Developed with Her Artistic Genius.


A very designated lady named Paige Michelle uses her craft in music to help other women grow and be phenomenal. Through creativity and music, she makes coaching fun, personalized, and relatable. She even has an affirmation album that allows people to use their astrology and genetic map to identify their deepest wounds and heal them forever. 

She is also a global Human Design Authority, Life and Business Strategist, investor, and proud mother. She is also Queen Mutha at Undefined. Undefined is a personal development empire focused on helping mothers take immediate control of their mental, emotional, physical, and financial destiny with online educational courses, music/art, physical products, and in-depth interviews with leaders. 

Paige is also the author of a best-selling book, “The Pattern,” and an upcoming one, “Be a Mother Not a Martyr.” It’s a book she is writing because of her amazing kids, Ford and Ruby. 

Growing Up 

Paige Michellel comes from Marion, Ohio. Her background has not been an easy one, as she had to work on herself to be where she is today. Paige barely graduated high school and failed out of college for being more inclined to drinking and going to strip clubs. She moved home and started waitressing. 

Paige then became a paralegal, and blogged to escape and be creative, which turned into a small organic social media business. In that timeframe, Paige got married and had her first child, while her business crashed. She also left her husband and lived in her parents’ basement while rebuilding the business. 

Soaring Higher

Within three years, the business had generated over $1,000,000, and the clients had made over $18,000,000 in wealth. 

Additionally, she has an investment portfolio of over $2,000,000, is a best-selling author, trusted by over 80,000 women across all platforms, and has garnered 17,682,000 views between TikTok and Reels last year alone.

Motivating Women

Women face a lot due to what people perceive women should be. Michelle is, however, helping them get out of their deprivation and have a say in their lives or take charge of their lives. In one of her Instagram posts, she explains the mental struggles/stress a female entrepreneur who is a mother face because of her ambition. 

A woman goes through so many struggles silently that they have to show up bravely amidst people. Some of the pressures include hormonal imbalances, strained marriages, and relationships. They also don’t talk about tension and desire to be seen by their partner as “enough” or appreciated for something other than being a wife/ mother. There is also guilt for wanting to be more than a wife and the hurt of being told they are looking for attention when doing what men do. 

Paige has been unapologetically herself and scaled higher, reaching unimaginable heights as a woman. She is not only setting an example for other ladies but also coaching them on how to do so. She says that your life, business, and relationships would be a lot different if you weren’t in survival mode 80% of the time. It would help if you choose your experiences and know that everyone you love would be thriving and supportive regardless of what it is. 

You can reach out to Paige Michelle by email or follow her on 



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