How should parents face their children’s clothes picking behavior

Nowadays, children are a treasure in the family, they can’t be beaten or scolded, and they are all very capricious little princesses and princes. Obviously parents are late for work, panic to prepare the clothes for the child to put on, but at this time the child is capricious play, said not to wear not to wear, must choose their own clothes in the closet. Well, parents wait and wait and wait for ten minutes or no decision, whenever this time, parents are not a feeling of temper explosion? So what about children who are capriciously picking out clothes to wear? If you are a wholesale children’s clothing distributor and you want to wholesale kid clothes, welcome to prettykid. 

  Why would a child pick clothes?

  1, the material of the clothes is not comfortable. It is possible that parents only focus on picking the style of clothes, did not take into account the material of the clothes whether the child is comfortable to wear, the child once or twice feel very uncomfortable, naturally do not like to wear.

  2, the style of clothes is not good. Some parents, especially older parents will unilaterally focus on the material of the clothes, but ignore the style of clothes, sometimes let the classmates ridicule “old-fashioned”, sometimes the color is not bright, etc..

  3, the child’s capricious mentality. When the material or style of clothes, children still do not wear, then it is possible that the child is capricious, and capricious reasons do not only seem to exist in a piece of clothing, there are deep, such as not wanting to go to school, through the clothes to say things; and then wear the clothes happened bad things, so that the child has an aversion to the clothes and so on.

  4, the child’s love of beauty psychology. Everyone has a natural pursuit of beauty, children are no exception, if he began to pick clothes, it means that the child has a sense of the pursuit of beauty. When there is a disconnect between the clothes selected by the parents and the child’s pursuit of beauty, then the obstinate pursuit of beauty of course the child does not want to bend over backwards to communicate the views of parents, will show capricious to.

  Children capriciously pick clothes to wear how to do?

  1, respect for the child’s aesthetic point of view, perhaps the parents choose clothes with really not suitable for children, does not meet the child’s aesthetic, if parents forcefully change the child’s opinion, then it is possible to cause psychological harm to the child. Sometimes there will be a fight, but it is best to squat down and listen to the child’s opinion, maybe it is really our fault for being parents.

  2, give your child an extra set of clothes to prepare every day. This is the same as giving the child a choice, so that the child is fully free to choose, sometimes give him two choices, but he will feel very happy, what is wrong with the excuse is no longer.

  3, buy clothes with the child, listen to the child’s opinion to buy. The advantage of this is that the child’s choice of clothes is more in line with his aesthetic, in the later wearing with the time, he has to pay for his own choice, that is, the mother can put the responsibility on the child, so that he himself bear the responsibility of “not good-looking”.

       4, try to instill in the child the concept of saving simple consumption, can not let the child develop the habit of spending a lot of money.

        5, children pick clothes which is good, parents should give satisfaction within a limit, but beyond the limit, parents should give a stop and give the right guidance education. Give children full free space, their own things to let them make their own decisions, parents should try to let go.

After the above analysis, parents are no longer headache for the children’s capricious picking clothes? Perhaps a different way of thinking about the child’s capriciousness, this capriciousness will become a psychological maturity, parents respect the child, then the child’s psychological growth will be healthy.

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