How to Build Custom Made Workstation for Your Home

If you are a computer enthusiast, then having a great workstation is a must. You probably own a high-end computer, several UltraWide monitors, high-definition audio equipment, and more. Where will you fit it all? You need an equally awesome desk. Not just any desk though. For a tech-savvy person, the best workstation is a custom stand up desk. Yes, one desk that allows adjusting its height with the simple pressing of a button. 

You can buy a stand-up desk from an office furniture supplier. But, if you enjoy DIY projects (you probably do), the best alternative is to make it yourself. It is not difficult at all. To make it fully custom-made, you must consider the following criteria to build your stand-up desk:

  • Size. Most desks that you can buy at office furniture stores are 100-120 cm long. Will you have enough space to fit all your equipment on such a small surface? You can make a custom stand up desk to fit your space needs and fit the room you have at home;
  • Price. Likewise, most desks sold at the stores are expensive. There are inexpensive options, but they usually are poorly made with cheap materials. If you want to buy a large stand-up desk, be ready to pay much more than $1,000. In contrast, you can make a very good custom stand up desk for a fraction of that amount;
  • Simplicity. Unless you have all the necessary tools, you have to think of a simple DIY project. It’s better to opt for a kit that includes all the parts, so you can ensemble them,
  • Ergonomics. Keep in mind that a workstation is a computer desk. As such, it must have all the functionality to place your computer and accessories on. A writing desk will not serve that purpose efficiently.

With all these points clarified, you can already begin your project. Let’s review the different steps to build your custom stand up desk.

Step #1: Select the Type of Table

There are different models that you can choose from. The most common one is the rectangular table. But you can also opt for a corner desk. In any case, you can buy directly the frame from a supplier. Often, the frame comes with all the necessary preparations to install the electromechanical system and its control.

Step #2: Select the Top Size

This selection, as mentioned, depends on your particular requirements for space. However, the selection is also dependant on the size of the frame that you chose. Hence, this and the previous item must be chosen together to ensure the correct match.

Step #3: Choose the Aluminum Tabletop Grommet

Here, there is no much to select. These components are built to the size of the hole on the top. You just need to choose the color of your liking.

Step #4: Choose the Type of Control

There are several types of control you can choose from. You just need to select the one you like better. Place the control in the place that you prefer.

That’s it! Now you have all the components to begin assembling your custom-made workstation.

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