How to choose the right wedding ring?

Putting the ring on your finger is a well-known expression to signify marriage . The wedding ring therefore represents a major symbol of the conjugal union , and this tradition dates back several millennia. Today, with so many styles available and a wide choice of materials, it’s not always easy to find the perfect wedding band .

We therefore advise you to integrate the search for wedding rings into your wedding preparations, and to do it well in advance, because it is an essential element for the big day, and even for the rest of your wedding. Your existence. Indeed, if you quickly get rid of your wedding dress and various party accessories, the wedding ring is a jewel that you will wear all your life .

Wedding rings: what symbolism and what history?

The first traces of the marriage alliance appear in ancient Egypt , around 6000 years ago. The bride and groom then wore a hemp or braided reed ring. This one symbolized an eternal love because of its rounded shape, associated with infinity. Other more resistant materials have taken over, such as leather, wood or even bronze.

In ancient Rome , the engraved iron wedding ring made its appearance. It marked the belonging of the woman to the man . Later, in the Middle Ages in Europe , the wedding ring symbolized the alliance between two families , thus justifying its name. In all cases, it was a single ring given to the woman .

The exchange of wedding rings between two spouses as a form of mutual commitment began in the 19 19th century . The jewels are blessed by the priest. Today, like engagement rings, wedding bands are used to seal a union, as part of a religious wedding ceremony as well as a secular celebration.

How to wear your wedding ring?

In several European countries , such as France, Belgium or Switzerland, the ring is worn on the left ring finger. This follows the ancient Egyptian tradition where the ring was worn on exactly that finger. The Egyptians believed that the ring finger of the left hand had a vein directly connected to the heart called Vena amoris or the Vein of Love.

In Germany and in some Eastern European countries such as Hungary or Poland, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. . In the Netherlands, everything depends essentially on the religion of the bride and groom: Catholics wear the ring on the left hand, while Protestants wear it more on the right hand. In all cases, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the hand. As the name suggests, this finger is for the ring. It seems that it is the finger that is used the least, so the ring wears out less quickly than if it were worn on another finger.

For those who wear both an engagement ring and a wedding ring, it is quite possible to put them on the same ring finger. The wedding ring is then placed inside. Other people, sometimes embarrassed by the accumulation of jewelry, prefer to put their engagement ring on the right ring finger. This is particularly the case for larger wedding Wholesale Jewelry set with large gemstones.

Should the bride and groom wear an identical wedding ring?

For the marriage proposal and the engagement, the ring adorned with a precious stone (solitaire with a diamond or ring with sapphire, emerald, ruby, zirconium, etc.), remains the great classic. And for wedding rings, we traditionally take two identical rings . You can choose two wedding rings that look alike, for example the same color and the same shape but with different thicknesses. It is also possible to take quite different models , but which include discreet reminders, such as engravings.

However, you don’t have to get two matching rings for your wedding at all . You have to remember that ideally, you will wear this jewel all your life. There is therefore no question of adopting models under the influence of tradition, with pressure from those around you or following a simple fashion effect. Whether they look alike or not, jewelry must first please you, and for a long time .

Which ring shape to choose?

There are 3 main types of rings:

  • The bangle , which looks like a round cord and is especially suitable for women
  • The ribbon, flat and straight, which has a more masculine look, but remains suitable for women as well as men;
  • The half ring , flat on the inside and curved on the outside, both comfortable and aesthetic. This is the most popular style, this type of ring is timeless.

However, instead of a simple thin alliance formed by a single ring, you can choose a more original model, two-tone or intertwined. . Indeed, the bride and groom are free to adopt the style that suits them.

Which alloy for wedding rings?

You basically have the choice between 3 types of precious metals: gold, silver and platinum. For a wedding, gold wedding rings are usually used . The platinum wedding band is more fragile than 18K gold, and the silver wedding band is even more sensitive to wear and oxidation. And of course, it is better to opt for a real gold jewel rather than a plated model, since the wedding ring is worn every day and over many years.

The alloy facilitates the work and hardens the gold which is very malleable in its pure state . The addition of other metals also provides an original aesthetic result. This precious metal therefore exists in different colors once worked, and you have a wide choice in this sense.

To choose your gold wedding ring, take into account your complexion and your tastes, but it is also important to know the basic composition of the alloys. . Some are common, while others are more original.

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