How to remove Water Spots from your Car?

You may not find many things as annoying as water spots on your cash, especially after you have washed it. Well, finding out the problem is the key to effective cleaning and eradication of water spots on your vehicle. In this article, you will find out how to remove water spots from your car:

Why do you see water spots on your car?

It is essential to know the underlying cause of why the water spots are visible on your car. In some cases, your car may be parked near a sprinkler which leaves behind water droplets on your vehicle. You may also get water spots during a rain or car wash. Well, it can be tough to ignore it.

And what’s really worrisome here is that the water spots may be of hard water which has salt and micro-pollutants. This may harm the exterior of your car and its coating in particular. Water spots on the glass windows can devastate the glass, hence it is recommended to deal with water spots as soon as you notice them.

Household remedies to get rid of water spots from your vehicle

If you notice water spots on your car and want to clean them, you can use these household remedies. White vinegar, for instance, is the best remover. Because of its low pH level, it can effectively remove minerals from hard water with high pH level.

You need some supplies when using vinegar to remove water stains from your car such as a bucket, water, sponge, white vinegar and microfiber towel.

  1. Fill the bucket with white vinegar and distilled water in equal quantity.
  2. Test the solution to check for any damage or corrosion on the nondescript area of your vehicle.
  3. Check if the solution doesn’t harm the exterior of your including the windshield.
  4. Leave the solution for a minute before rinsing.
  5. Pat the surface dry with the towel after rinsing.
  6. Vinegar may dissolve the sealant or wax, hence you should re-apply a wax coat.

Tips to prevent water spots on your car

You won’t have to follow the above procedure, if you avoid getting water spots on your car in the first place. First Detailing recommends these tips to ensure you have a shiny and tidy car.

  • First and foremost, always park your car in a shaded area after you have washed it. Drying the car under sunlight may dry the water too fast and you may be left with those pesky spots.
  • Wash the car with the hose to remove any grime, dirt and loose soil.
  • Use a top quality car wash solution to clean your car.
  • Start cleaning the car with the hood and then proceed to the other parts.
  • Make sure you spray down the full car with clean water to make sure it is fully rinsed.
  • Make use of a microfiber towel to dry every part of the car. Do not allow to air dry your car.

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