How to start promoting and growing my astrology business

Getting clients is the first step for aspiring professional astrologers who want to expand their brand-new astrological consulting business. However, even if you are already up and running, you must still continuously develop your business to have clients. You must always be promoting, even if you have dozens of clients and little time for it. Why? Because there may be a day when the clients are not present and there may be a very quiet month or two, especially during the summer and the holiday season. These are particularly slow times as people choose to spend their money on other things (vacations, gifts, etc.) rather than for astrological consultations. So, how do you promote your astrology business? Below are the most common proven tactics to start with. Let’s dive in.

Start an astrology blog and post your insights

Writing articles (like this one) with the intention of sharing your message online is a very effective approach to increase your influence and establish your brand, frequently in locations that you couldn’t get on your own. Keeping in mind that many content directories receive millions of visitors each day, it is important to note how popular the spiritual, personal development, and new age categories are. So consider starting a blog where you will post your knowledge and insights. Or, for example, every month, you can post free generalized forecasts on your blog. To come up with fresh ideas for your blog posts, have a look at astrology books, journal articles, and blogs written by well-known astrologers in the field.

In addition to using it as a marketing tool, if you put enough effort into it, you can even make money from your blogs via affiliate marketing and ads.

Send weekly and monthly newsletters with your predictions

Gather email addresses and create an emailing list while distributing test results for various quizzes, compatibility tests, etc. Then you will use these contact data for distributing your insights and promoting your services. You can also send predictions on collected mails but don’t do it too often and never but email addresses.

Tip: Always include your email signature at the bottom of every email you send. These few lines of contact details can attract a lot of attention, and the majority of people appreciate it when information is straightforward to discover. So include your name, title, company name, phone number, website, and social media links. Also, consider including promotional information in your signature, such as an invitation to subscribe to your private email list or to book a consultation with a discount. On top of that, you can show your awards and certificates, introduce your new website page, and promote an upcoming event or recent media coverage. The possibilities are endless. See these email signature examples to get a better idea of an effective email signature. Ready to create your own one? Fortunately, you don’t need to know coding or Photoshop. You don’t even need to hire anyone on freelance platforms. These days, email signature generators are used to design a professional-looking email signature to better promote your business.

Write articles for local magazines

Building your own blog for your company is crucial, but so is locating and contributing to local blogs and magazines in your area. The truth is that a single blog post published in the arts and entertainment or lifestyle section of your community website or online newspaper might bring in enough visitors to keep you occupied for several weeks, months, or even years. Just give it a try!

Be a guest in popular podcasts

Contrary to popular beliefs, accomplishing this isn’t that hard. Start by looking into what’s trending in the local media and what podcasts are available that might be interested in discussing astrology in any way, shape, or form. After that, send a letter to the decision-maker. Don’t forget to follow up! Your introductory message should emphasize how the listeners of the podcast would find your experience and background in astrology to be interesting and perhaps even helpful in resolving issues in their daily lives.

Offer a free webinar to showcase your services

Nobody wants to be a fool or to be taken advantage of. The same is true for those interested in astrology. Everyone wants to know if the product they are paying for is worthwhile before purchasing it, especially when it is something as ethereal as astrology. So giving them a chance to try out your service for free is an excellent idea. Don’t worry about having to work for free. After giving away some valuable information, you can always invite people to your paid session. Some of them will come as they already trust you.

Create social accounts

On social media, there are many pages, particularly Instagram, where daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly updates about different sun signs are published. These pages provide updates as six-sign carousels that feature creatives.

The accounts that post updates frequently have been found to have a larger following. Some of these accounts also link to their websites in the posts and their bios, which raises the possibility of making sales on Instagram as well!

You can eventually expand your astrology business online by having Facebook and TikTok pages, listing your company on Google for scheduling appointments, etc. in addition to Instagram. The majority of these tools are free yet significantly increase revenue.

Final thoughts

You can develop a highly lucrative and fulfilling business doing work that you love if you have a sense of purpose and enthusiasm about your capacity to assist, contribute, and provide hope and healing to others in need. So if you are strong at what you do, use the straightforward advice above to start attracting clients prior to them finding someone else who can do it too. Even if you have clients, you must be aware of the effective tactics and trends to help you promote your business. This short guide is a great place to start. Good luck!

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