Every year students get ready to appear for Board Examinations for the very first time in Class 10. While all examinations bring stress and tension during their preparatory period, the class 10 board exams lead to a higher level of distress for the students. This is because of the great amount of significance held by the results of these examinations that determine the subjects students can study ahead in Classes 11 and 12. Thus, it naturally becomes important for students to have a good score in all their subject exams.

However, for students to be relieved of the tension during their preparatory period before their Class 10 Science examinations, it is important that they have the right study material they can refer to for their preparation. It is a well-known fact that the NCERT books are one of the best study materials for all classes as well as various competitive examinations. Let us take a deeper look into how referring to the NCERT Books for Class 10 Science can be helpful for students in achieving the results they aim for.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) includes the study materials from the National Council of Educational Research and Training, usually known as the NCERT textbooks in its curriculum. These NCERT textbooks are known to be very crucial for a student appearing for his/her board exams. The NCERT books are known to provide crisp information while covering all the necessary topics of the syllabus. This not only makes studying easier for a student but also reinforces a positive attitude in the learners. 

NCERT textbooks are known to be a very reliable educational resource, as they provide the most authentic information. These textbooks are thoughtfully designed and monitored by a group of academic experts and hence the authenticity. The guarantee of authenticity promises students accuracy when they prepare from the NCERT Books. With a thorough understanding of all the material provided in these books, they shall be able to answer questions correctly and descriptively in their examinations.

The Class 10 Science textbooks by NCERT are tailored in such a way that they provide the necessary basics thereby strengthening one’s fundamentals. A student gradually gets to acquire in-depth knowledge on various topics that helps them to quickly and easily adapt to this knowledge-hungry competitive world. With an in-depth understanding, they will be able to accurately answer questions with any kind of difficulty level.

CBSE aims at paving a path of excellence for its students. And in order to achieve that, it puts up the best possible assessment framework through the NCERT textbooks. Every chapter is followed by a section where various tasks and activities are given that will help the student assess their understanding and progress. These tasks and activities are given as various multiple-choice questions, short answers, long answers, descriptive ones, and numerical problems. The chapters also include insiders, where short tasks are given to keep the learner in a flow, important facts are summarized at the end of the chapter in brief, and solved examples are also provided. If one analyzes and studies the question pattern from previous years, it will be evident that most questions asked in the board exam are almost similar to those in the solved and unsolved examples. Therefore, it is important that during the preparation, students also attempt these in-text questions and exercises so that they are thoroughly prepared for their Class 10 Science examination.

To ace any exam, especially a board exam, it is very important to be thorough with all the topics before the exam. This can be achieved by proper revision. NCERT textbooks are a student’s best option for CBSE examinations. Since the information provided in these books is very specific and to the point, written in easy language and divided into points and sub-points, it makes the revision task much easier to achieve. With material published in an easily comprehended language, students shall not feel the need to refer to any other study material.

The NCERT books have another very essential feature that is always helpful for students in achieving a better understanding through visual representation. Many of the chapters covered in the syllabus for class 10 Science require diagrams and illustrations that students are asked to draw in their examinations as well. The Class 10 Science books provide all such diagrams that are a part of the syllabus in a well-explained and properly labeled manner to provide students with a proper understanding of all such concepts that need visual explanations.

These books can be found in English as well as Hindi. This is very helpful for students studying in schools that follow a Hindi-medium-based curriculum. There is no difference in the content and both the languages are equally comprehendible. The NCERT Books are also helpful in maintaining a standard of education and evaluation throughout all schools that follow the curriculum provided by CBSE. This standard is maintained by ensuring that students from any school, or state, are studying the same study material and are assessed based on the same criteria without any discrimination.

Apart from that, the NCERT textbooks also form a major part of the study materials for various competitive exams like NEET, JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, etc. This is beneficial to the students since they do not have to go through the rigorous process of studying separate study materials within a stipulated time period. Students who aspire to indulge in civil services are also benefited from these textbooks since most competitive exams including UPSC follows the NCERT syllabus.

In the end, it all comes down to scoring good marks in board exams. And the right choice of study material plays an important role in this. This is where the CBSE students who follow the NCERT textbooks for the Class 10 syllabus are clearly seen to benefit and eventually pass the exam with flying colors.

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