Indian Gooseberry: A Nutrient-Rich Superfruit For Healthier Hair

Every woman wants to have hair that is long, thick, and strong. While many women are blessed with their God-given hair texture, some face the challenge of having limp locks at times. This could be attributed to one’s lifestyle patterns, diet, age, or pregnancy. A hair care regimen may not always work in sync with your busy schedule so it becomes necessary to find products that come packed with the goodness of natural ingredients. 

For women trying to grow their hair long, Amla fruit is a blessing in disguise – it can help prevent breakage by reinforcing each strand from within, thus enabling them to reach their desired length faster. With so much goodness packed in it, this fruit is also used in many ayurvedic hair treatments to strengthen the hair roots, thicken the hair shafts and stop breakage. So if you are looking to go natural with your hair care routine then this Mamaearth Indian Gooseberry Hair Oil is your best bet!

Mamaearth Bhringraj Amla Oil is formulated using natural ingredients that are pure, unadulterated, and chemical-free. This bhringraj oil can help rejuvenate your scalp naturally by providing nourishment to your skin cells so that you get rid of dryness and flakiness. It helps stimulate blood circulation which enriches oxygen supply to your scalp, thus helping improve the growth of new healthy hair. Along with strengthening your hair roots from within, it also stops further breakage by reinforcing each strand.

Top 5 Benefits of Mamaearth Indian Gooseberry Hair Oil for Scalp &Hair

  • Amla Oil for Hair Growth, A Natural Hair Supplement: The regular use of Indian gooseberry oil on the scalp is known to promote healthy hair growth by nourishing the roots. 
  • Dandruff Control: The anti-bacterial properties in amla are well known to counter dandruff problems that result from scalp infections or inflammation. 
  • Reduces hair fall: Regular use of amla in your hair care regimen reduces hair fall considerably. It also prevents the formation of split ends thus giving you healthy, lustrous locks.
  • Natural Conditioner: Even when applied when your hair is dry, the oil coating on the strands helps protect them from rough weather conditions by locking in moisture. This way it works as a natural conditioner although one needs to follow up with a mild shampoo after application for best results.

The Bottom Line

Indian gooseberry oil has amazing benefits for hair and scalp health. The product comes completely free of chemicals and parabens which are harmful to the skin. It contains natural ingredients like amla, neem, pudina, basil and bhringraj. If you want to make your hair healthy and partner with nature, I would recommend you try out Mamaearth Indian Gooseberry Hair Oil.