IPL and the changing face of cricket as entertainment


IPL and the changing face of cricket as entertainment

IPL which is the Indian Premier League is the richest and the most popular professional cricket league in Twenty20 (T20) format in the world. It was founded in 2008 and takes place in India. From that time this tournament growing in popularity not only among sports fans, celebrities and politicians but also among betting lovers. All of them look forward to the start of this event. So, cricket is not only about such entertainment as going to the stadium and seeing the live game. Now it is also about watching the game on the screen in every part of the world and making bets. There are a lot of online betting sites which offer IPL betting and online cricket satta is the place where you can find the best cricket odds. 


Originally cricket was only meant for upper classes. For this reason alone, membership in a cricket club was the hallmark of an aristocrat. However, cricket, as entertainment, has become not only for gentlemen from high society. Although members of the official cricket clubs were only the most notable persons, this game has always been in great demand among ordinary people.

In order to understand this game better and become a great fan of it, you should be familiar with the history of cricket and how it developed into entertainment for everybody.

History of the appearance of the game

Back in the 13th century, the game of noble gentlemen and gentlemen appeared. At first, this game was considered a childish game. Only in the XVIII century did cricket gain real popularity when the rules of the game were formally developed and fixed. At the beginning of the 20th century, cricket began to be in demand in other countries different countries of Africa, Europe and Australia.

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What is cricket?

Furthermore, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of cricket. This game is played on a grassy field. Cricket is played at the site located in the middle of the field, the width of which is approximately 3 m, and length is 20.12 m. Wickets resembling gates are installed on both sides. They are 67.5 cm high and 20 cm wide.

Cricket is played by two teams with 11 players each: 5-6 batsmen, 4-5 bowlers and one wicket-keeper. First, the server throws the ball into the wicket, trying to break it. But, the batter from the opposing team must prevent this, and hit the ball in a timely manner with a bat. If the batsman can hit the kick, then he must run to the other end of the playing court, but at the same time another batsman of the same team, who is on the other end of the court, must take his place. The team gets a point for a full run and change of position of batsmen. 

The opposing team players are dispersed throughout the playing field during the rally, and they must catch the ball and return it to play. In the event that the ball is returned to play before the end of the batsmen’s run, the run will be lost and the batsman must leave the game. The batsman will also be out of the game if a hit is caught in the air or the service is not hit at all.

The change of place of teams occurs after knocking out 10 players. Quite often, a cricket match can take place over several days due to the fact that the teams are developing strategy and attack tactics for a long time. 

To conclude, after getting to know how the cricket developed from the game for the children into entertainment for everybody, you can try to bet on IPL and get the taste of the game.

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