If a person does not have a single lucky number, he or she will still dream about winning the lottery. Winning a large amount of money is a long shot, but it still can not stop you from playing. There are some fundamental techniques you can use to increase your chance of winning the lottery. Winning is not ensured, yet you can have a great time while playing with expectations of winning the lotteries. 


Here are some methods which can increase your chance of winning the lottery

1.Selecting the number of tickets

Wide range

Some people choose lottery numbers according to their date of birth or anniversary date or lucky number. You can learn many things about it on And these numbers have a limit of 1 to 31. As only these numbers are available on the calendar. Most of the people choose these numbers. It would be good if you choose a mix of low and high numbers as it will increase the chance of winning. Think carefully before choosing a number. And always remember that if you won a prize which is also won by any other person you have to share the winning amount with him or her. It is the basic rule. 

Do not follow any pattern

Always choose mixed numbers like even and odd. Never choose only even numbers like 2444, 6688, or odd numbers like 3915, 3399. As it will lessen your chance of winning the lottery.

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Similar numbers 

If you will see the numbers chosen by previous winners. You will think of trying to choose them. So, never look into the past winner. As if you will choose those numbers there will be less possibility of winning the lottery.

Consecutive numbers

Do not buy consecutive numbers like 134, 135, 136, etc., it will decrease the chance of winning the lottery. Always choose to sum random numbers. Visit the site for more details

2.Purchasing tickets

Single ticket

If you are new to this game, it would be good if you will buy only one lottery. With time when you will gain experience in this lottery game, and you will know some basic tips for winning then you can buy many lottery tickets. 

Play weekly

The chance of winning will be increased if you will play. So at least play weekly and increase your chance by getting into the game. 

Join lottery pool

Buy a lottery ticket with a group of your school friends, office colleagues, etc. if anyone from your group won the lottery the prize is divided between the group. That group can buy more than one ticket also, as it will increase their chance of winning. Always take a picture of that ticket as proof and handle them to a trustworthy person.

Tickets not to buy

Never buy those tickets whose result will be announced after several months. Always choose those tickets whose draw date is near.

3.Game to play

Small lotteries

Nowadays people are much more interested in jackpots, no one is interested in small lotteries. So, there is less competition in the small lotteries. So, invest in such lotteries and increase your chance of winning.

Scratch cards

Buy scratch cards as it is very simple and easy to play. Many lotteries offer scratch games. But the process of getting the money that you have earned through this game is very slow. But still, if you are lucky, you can get a big prize. 


Never fill the numbers in any pattern like X or any other. There are possibilities that many other people do the same. So, your chance of winning will become less and less. Now บาคาร่า is the most popular online casino site.

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