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Ruby is a very popular stone when it comes to jewellery and even as a gemstone. The word ‘Ruby’ derives from the Latin word ‘Ruber’ which means Red. This is a stone which said to involve a lot of emotions. There are some countries who believe in a fable that rubies once grew on trees which started as white buds and then blossoming to ripe and red rubies. 

According to many stone experts, the ones which have any shades or red or pink can be considered as the Ruby stone. In US there are some specific requirements when it comes to saturation of Ruby. It must meet a few standards in order to fall under the proper ruby category. If not, they are labelled as Pink Sapphire. 

There are 3 aspects of a ruby’s colour which can be taken into consideration. They are the saturation, hue and tone. Hue is referred to as the ruby’s colour as one can see it. The saturation determines the visibility of the colour that the stone has. Is it dark or light or is it somewhere in between? And then there is the tone which tells the purity of the colour of the stone. If it is of a pure tone, them there should not be any secondary colours. If it is not a pure tone then it can include many secondary hues like purple, pink and orange.

For many centuries, the majority of the entire world’s rubies were mined in Myanmar (then Burma) and Mozambique. At present, the additional sources of rubies are Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Namibia, Japan and Columbia. Myanmar is known to produce some finer rubies.

Gemstones are mostly divided into 2 categories. One is precious and the other is semi precious. Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires belong to the first category and the rest goes to the second one. As one of the four precious gemstones, the rubies are considered to be very durable and sturdy. This is a reason why this stone is quite expensive. As per Vedic astrology, the ruby gemstone represents the planet of Sun. This has a certain glowing hue and it can shine through any element. 

Here are some major benefits of wearing ruby as a gemstone:

Recharges the energy levels

It has a radiant power and intensity and so ruby stone can promote energy in the wearer’s life. This stone can increase the concentration and invokes the sharpness of the intellect among the ones who wear this stone.  It can help one to recognize their strength and their creative instincts as well. Ruby stone can also help one to have a charismatic personality.

Sharpens the mind

Due to its intense energy, this particular gemstone can clear the mind of a person. Hence one can be more aware about the things happening around and they can gain more focus. If one wears a ruby stone then they can have a courageous attitude. One can maintain their integrity among all the adversaries and controversies they face.

Improves financial status

If one wears this stone then it can improve their financial status. It not only enhances the monetary possessions of an individual but also help one to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. This stone is considered to be a mark of royalty. 

Enhances the confidence

As it has been mentioned that this stone represents the Sun, it can eliminate the weakness from an individual. It can also improve the level of confidence among a person. If one has a point of view of knowledge or want to express something which they are unable to do then these problems can be solved by wearing this gemstone. One can also gain support from authoritative figures after wearing this stone and this also enhances the leadership qualities among them.

Reduces the fear

The vibrancy of this particular gemstone can make it a strong protector as well. This can help to reduce the fear of evil. Ruby can protect an individual from any kind of nightmares and paranormal activities. This gemstone can work as a shield of protection from the intruders in one’s life. 

Provides health benefits

This stone comes in blood red colour and so it strengthens the heart and stimulates the proper blood circulation. This stone can help one to treat the disorders that are related to heart. It can also help to reduce infertility issues. It is said that if one is getting pregnant in an older age, wearing a ruby stone can help. It also works as a protector from infections and seasonal fevers. 

Encourages positivity of mind

Ruby can help one to move from the past and any unpleasant circumstances they have faced before. This can help one to get relief from anguish and enjoy happiness. Wearing this stone always helps one to stay in a positive state of mind. It can also sustain people who are sensitive by nature. This gemstone helps one to come out of different sort of negativities and maintain a positive attitude towards near future.

Fights Depression

The impact of ruby gemstones can be quite surprising. This can fight depression with all of its strength. This can help a person to stand strong against anxiety and stress.  It can affect the personality of the wearer in different ways. One can also find improvements in their energies after wearing this stone.

Improves Communication

There are many astrologers who recommend one to wear a ruby stone because they need to improve their communication skills. It can also spread positive thinking and increase harmony and peace in any relationships.

One can only wear a ruby gemstone if they are advised to wear one. For this one has to consult an experienced astrologer who can study one’s birth chart and then come to a conclusion. If they advise one to wear a ruby gemstone they one needs to buy an authentic one. They can buy it from Khannagems as they have been dealing with certified gemstones in the market for 3 decades now. One can easily rely on them.

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