Master the Art of Shipping Module in Magento

Running a Magento e-commerce store is a lot of hassles these days. Being the owner of a leading e-store, you need to control too many aspects to getting a huge success in the market. The important things that play a vital role in any Magento based online shop are the look and feel of a store, user interface, user experience, navigation of web pages, how leads are generated, and so on! It also involves representing your products or services in a pictorial form with relevant descriptions and highly optimized keywords.

But did you think that the amazing look and feel of a website is all enough? You need to focus on a major portion of a Magento based online store such as its process and logistics too. This is where Magento shipping comes into the picture and plays an important role. Once the customer purchases products from your store and completed the checkout process, and the order is shipped, then the next phase of product delivery is out of your control. You can’t understand whether the order fulfillment is a success deal or has some clashes.

Hence, the shipping method is very crucial and you should know how to configure these methods. If you simply forget about the logistics, shipping methods, or shipping module in Magento, read the blog written here and know about the Magento shipping methods and ways to master its art.

Have a look at 6 tips to master the art of shipping module in Magento  

Check Default String and Create Location Groups for Shipping Method

When you create a default string, it has some basic restriction set. You need to set the least order amount and also, specify countries. After this, you must create location groups to ease the most complex conditions configuration. This means that if you are using the same set of conditions more than one time, then the Location Group should pitch in the Shipping Suite Ultimate optimization.

Never Use Default Shipping Method as a Prototype

In Magento, there are good numbers of shipping methods available with their own peculiarities. So, when you use the default shipping method as a prototype and override them with the help of Magento 2 shipping rules, you should know that the Magento shipping extension is helpful in creating a new carrier and method. This can be executed through Admin Panel without doing any coding. This would help in enabling you to utilize default Magento 2 shipping methods.

Complex Rules Are Not A Solution

Whether you believe it or not, complex rules are always not necessary to set shipping methods in a Magento shipping module. However, the user requires setting certain restrictions for a Magento 2 custom shipping method by applying some rules that are stored in a separate manner. There are situations when no valid rate setting is available, so here you can make use of the hide shipping method.

You can make your rules according to the competitor and competition running in the market. You might require making the most suitable configurations that are useful when the basic rules are not applicable.

Enable Error Message for Default Shipping Method

Enabling error messages is a common setting that is often overlooked by the users while using the Magento shipping module. You should be aware that the default message is not displayed for any default Magento shipping method. You need to enable it for displaying it using the particular shipping method from the settings section. And, take care to enable the message, as if the message if disabled, then you won’t be able to see it in the system.

Notify your Shoppers about Shipping and Region

It is one of the significant steps to keep your customers informed with the custom error message if anything goes wrong. Sometimes, getting the right shipping configuration is a resource as well as time-consuming. Imagine a situation that happens if your customer has purchased some product from your store and can’t be sent by cash on delivery at the desired address? So, here you should send an error message to your customers and keep them informed about the shipping.

Now, the next big thing is entering a region’s name in the field. You must add the missing regions to the exact country and store it in a separate table. Don’t worry about the settings of your Magento store, as no settings on your web store will be affected.

Give Benefit of Setting Country and Region to Customers from the First Page

Once you give the benefit of setting the country and region to the customers from the first page, you can avoid having some confusion for buying products. The confusion can be anything such as your online store viewer is staying in your store and looking for products to buy, but what if the visitor would get the incorrect information according to the shipping address.

The best way is to offer your customers the options to choose the country and region when they arrive at your store. When you use the shipping module in Magento, you are allowed to set a location pop-up in which various countries are mentioned with the images. When you enable this location pop-up button, this will be displayed at the right corner of your online store and thus, helps visitors to specify the important data.

The conclusion

This is all about how you can master the art of the shipping module in Magento. Yet, using the Magento shipping extension is the most powerful way to create and manage Magento shipping methods. Using the Magento shipping extension, you can modify any default settings as per the customer’s preference easily.

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