Megasquads vs Megaways vs Megacluster Online Slots 


Megasquads vs Megaways vs Megacluster Online Slots 

For those of you who have been playing pay by mobile slots regularly online for many years, you will have experienced all the changes that come with an industry that is constantly evolving. These continued developments have been influenced by technology and the changing preferences of the gambling public in general. In recent years, mega slots have started to make their presence felt and this all began with Megaways games. 

Megaways Explained 

The idea behind Megaways slots is to introduce even more pay lines to slot games. Megaways platforms have revolutionised slots by doing so. For years, the standard setup was 5-reels with fixed pay lines. This was the norm, as 3-reel slots fell out of favour with the public. Australian slot developer, Big Time Gaming, obviously thought that the traditional slots format could do with a little spicing up, and the way to do this was with Megaways slot games. 

The vast increase in pay lines has been made possible by introducing a 6th reel to slot platforms and some of these games even have another reel that moves from right to left, along the top of the main reels, during each slot spin. The size of the symbols is important too because standard slots contain symbols that are all the same size, whilst Megaways games have various sized symbols and because of this, 2 to 7 symbols can land on each reel. Most Megaways games are cascading in nature and they also have special random features that can make landing a bonus far easier than in the base game. There are free spin bonus rounds with unlimited multipliers too and this is undoubtedly the highlight of Megaways slots. These Megaways games are the success story of the Mega slot era, but Megasquads and Megaclusters need more time to blossom in the marketplace before their success can be judged.

Megasquads Slots: A Closer Look 

Megasquads slots have a different reel format to Megaways games; they are best described as 4×4 grids instead of actual reels. Sometimes there are 4 reel sets and expanding reel features that combine to make one huge 8×8 grid that produces millions of potential winning lines. This can look quite chaotic to the untrained eye and it does take a lot of getting used to. Despite the initial confusion, there is huge potential in these games for big wins, just like in their Megaways cousins. 

What is A Megaclusters Slot? 

Megaclusters slots do away with the concept of pay lines and instead concentrate on winning combinations that are created when matching symbols form combinations adjacently anywhere on the gaming grid. Again, this innovation by Big Time Gaming brings a fresh approach to slot games. These games also play out on 4×4 grids and winning combinations of 5 or more of the same symbols are needed. These winning combinations then usually explode and allow new symbols to drop down to fill the leftover gaps. The Megaclusters available are influenced by the grid and symbol sizes.

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