Best Sunglasses Style to try for Monsoon

Do you wonder why sunglasses are needed during monsoon? And what are the best sunglasses styles that will make you look fashionable? In this blog, we have listed down reasons to use sunglasses when it rains, trendy styles and tips to keep your eyes protected in this season. It will also help you understand why sunglasses are helpful on rainy days. We hope you will know new things through this blog. So let’s begin. 

Why do you need Sunglasses in Monsoon? 

  • Even if it is not a sunny day, you cannot escape UV rays. Sun emits UV rays even though you cannot see sunray and cloud, reflects it and directs it to your eyes. 
  • During monsoon, the visibility goes down, and while driving, you face problem of bright headlights of cars passing by. Wearing polarized sunglasses will protect your eyes from sudden bright lights.
  • Damp and moist air might carry infections, conjunctivitis, etc. and wearing sunglasses helps shield your eyes from any infections. 

Top Sunglasses Styles to Stay in Fashion in Rainy Season

  • Palazzo Pants & Pilot Sunglasses

When it is monsoon, we don’t like to wear body-hugging clothes. For this reason, palazzos come into fashion during this time. When you have picked loose palazzo pants, you can pair them with a crop top and accessorize them with pilot sunglasses. This will protect your eyes from UV rays and any infection in moist air. 

  • Denim shorts & Oval Sunglasses

When we have to go out on rainy reason, denim shorts are most comfortable. It reduces the possibility of getting your clothes damped. Simply slide into the shorts and top it with a comfortable t-shirt to get a fashionable look. Put on oval-shaped sunglasses that come in all color and pattern. 

  • Shrugs, Umbrella and Oval Sunglasses

Monsoon comes with a pleasant cool breeze, and then you might require cover-ups. Shrug will come in handy at that time. The rainy day dressing can include Shrugs, tube top and tights with large colourful umbrella and oversize, oval sunglasses. You can buy a range of sunglasses online. For this, use Coolwinks offers to buy your favourite sunglasses and eyewear. 

  • Off Shoulders & Round Sunglasses

You can wear an off-shoulder top with denim jeans during the rainy season. This will give you a fashionable and trendy look.  For this dressing, just adding round sunglass will complete your look. It can boost your personality even on mundane and gloomy rainy days. 

  • Dungarees & Cateye Sunglasses

Cateye sunglasses are one of the most sought after fashion style in recent times. It was one of the style statement of the 80s, but it has revisited our times, and it is here to stay. When you choose to wear dungarees, then just pick light colored t-shirt along with it. It is a complete look in itself. 

Tips to keep your eyes protected in the Rainy season 

During monsoon it is important to take care of your eyes even more. The moisture in the air can carry infection and bacteria that can quickly come in contact with your eyes. So there are some tips you can keep in mind during this season. 

  • Always clean your contact lens or spectacles. Yes, it is very important that you keep your specs dry and clean it, especially when it is washed by rainwater. 
  • It is good to keep eye drops handy as you cannot be sure that the rainwater or air moisture is harmless. It can cause eye irritation and redness. Go to the eye doctor and get an eye drop that can protect your eyes.  
  • During monsoon, you need to give special attention to young kids. Keep a watch that they don’t rub their eyes or they are kept away from rainwater. 
  • Keep yourself away from dirty water and dust. Rainwater brings down pollutants and dust suspended in the air. So take precaution when it comes to your eyes. 
  • The best eye-protective gear is specs or sunglasses. So, keep it handy. 


Even though it’s nothing like enjoy under the rain, it is important to protect your eyes. The important aspect of protecting your eyes is by wearing sunglasses. In this blog, we mentioned the reasons to use sunglasses during monsoon and gave you the list of styles you can consider to stay in fashion even on gloomy days. Lastly, we have given tips to care for your eyes. We hope you enjoyed the read. We wish you a happy monsoon with happy eyes!

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