Modern Apple service: how not to make a mistake with the choice?


Service at today’s Apple service centers is very different from what it was 10 years ago. If earlier, when even a minor breakdown occurred, the owner of the “apple” device had to part with it for at least a few days, and sometimes longer. Now even complex repairs can be performed on the same day or even right in front of you. At the same time, the cost has dropped significantly.

But, unfortunately, not all Apple services meet the current level in terms of quality, speed, and other service conditions. Therefore, we will consider how not to make a mistake when ordering repair of Apple equipment.

Choose an Apple Service

Currently, many SCs offer repairs quickly and inexpensively, but often, turning to them, you may encounter some “pitfalls”, such as:

  • non-observance of terms of repair – real terms can be much more stipulated;
  • the use of low-quality parts – a very low repair cost can result in poor quality and, as a result, additional costs;
  • lack of warranty – sometimes SC, in fact, relieve themselves of responsibility for the result of the repair;
  • a limited list of services – often SCs perform only simple types of repairs, which are carried out by replacing modular parts, since they do not have special equipment and the necessary qualifications to solve complex problems.

Therefore, in order not to make a mistake with the choice, and contact a truly professional and modern SC, you should pay attention to such points as:

  • reputation – an excellent indicator is the company’s rating in Google and user reviews;
  • the age of the company – it is better to give preference to a proven SC, which during its work has proved that it can be trusted;
  • guarantee – a long period is a confirmation that is responsible for the quality.
  • An excellent example of what a modern SC should be is the iFix company, which is a network of workshops operating in different parts of Kyiv. Apple technology owners often recommend this SC to each other as one of the most profitable and fastest, as you can see for yourself later.

Why we recommend repairing Apple equipment in iFIx SC

According to statistics, the average repair time in iFix SC is 15-20 minutes. Of course, not all types of Apple appliance repairs can be completed as quickly, but in any case, you will not have to part with your device for a long time.

How do iFix technicians manage to complete repairs so quickly? For this, the SC has everything you need:

  • excellent equipment – modern equipment and professional tools;
  • many years of experience – iFix specialists daily have to repair a huge number of Apple devices;
  • own parts warehouse – thanks to this, you do not have to wait until one or another part is delivered.
  • The quality of service is indicated not only by user reviews, but also by a long warranty period. As for the cost, you can see the prices on the company’s website. As you can see, they are not tall. In addition, some types of repairs, if desired, can be performed with non-original, but high-quality parts, which allows significant savings.

Benefits of Apple iFix

  • Here are some more important advantages of this SC:
  • the ability to order any type of repair, regardless of the type of device, year of manufacture, model, etc.;
  • Availability of “urgent repair” service;
  • free diagnostics when ordering repairs;
  • the ability to troubleshoot software-related problems.

In addition, we note the convenient location – the SCs are located near metro stations. However, you can order repairs without even leaving your home. Leave a request on the company’s website and get a discount. Within 10 minutes after sending it, an iFix

specialist will contact you to answer your questions and clarify the details of the order.

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