How to view analytics on YouTube channel subscribers

How do I view statistics and analytics on YouTube channel subscribers? There are several simple techniques for this.

How to see statistics on YouTube channel subscribers

Experienced YouTube account owners keep track of their stats to track the number of views and subscribers. Other people’s channels are also useful to analyze, because this way you can find fresh trends and choose effective keywords, find out if your competitors use scamming to promote your channel. We tell you how to look at the statistics of your and other people’s channels.

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What information does statistics provide

You should analyze your channel as often as possible, but you can’t focus only on one indicator. It is necessary to act in a complex, or even better, to look at the dynamics and compare them with the statistics of competitors’ channels. In total, there are five most important indicators.


Usually the growth of subscribers is more or less even. If sudden drops are noticed, they can be explained by the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, the publication of low-quality content or loss of trust in the blogger. The most interesting videos get to the top and bring a lot of new subscribers to the channel.

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Profits from a blog are useful not only for calculating future earnings, but also for choosing a media network as a partner. Direct advertising is always more profitable for the channel owner, but it is not offered to everyone.


It is better to choose approximately the same subject videos and post them regularly. Subscribers will not revisit old videos, as they are always looking for new content. By analyzing the statistics of someone else’s YouTube channel, you will understand the regularity with which you should post videos.


Likes, comments and reposts have a direct impact on promotion, so it’s important to track them. To increase viewer engagement, bloggers in every video encourage users to like and subscribe to the channel. You should also actively and regularly communicate with your subscribers, for example, by asking questions in the videos and offering answers in the comments under the video.

Daily stats

It’s useful to review it to determine accrual on someone else’s channel. If the number of subscribers and views rises sharply one day and then falls rapidly the next, it looks like an artificial increase in account activity. You should not cheat, because YouTube algorithms quickly detect such violations and block channels.

Official analytics tools

YouTube’s standard tools allow for rather minimalistic statistics, but the main indicators can be assessed.

To see it, go to Creative Studio. Here, you can see views and subscribers, traffic sources, and interest rates in dynamics. All the features you need to develop your marketing strategy are present.

When more detailed statistics are needed, Google Analytics is used. The tool will help examine the home page of the channel, add goals and conversions, and collect queries from searches.

To connect it, go to the “Admin” analytics section, add the channel address, and get the tracking ID. Then add this indicator to YouTube’s “Creative Studio” in the “Advanced” section.

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How to know your competitors’ statistics

YouTube and Google Analytics tools are not suitable for viewing other people’s channel statistics, for that you need other services such as analytics systems, browser extensions and directories.

Analytics Services

Some bloggers work with several platforms simultaneously, so they use specialized systems to collect statistics from all platforms.

There are six popular services:

  • A free service that does not require registration. Only individual videos are checked here. Users get the results of the analysis in the form of graphs.
  • No need to register. Statistics shows the number of subscribers and views, as well as the average duration of the video.
  • With the help of this service, not only watch the statistics by channel, but also order advertising from bloggers. The commission is not charged from the advertiser.
  • Shows detailed statistics by channels or individual videos. Provides a trial period of a week.
  • Usually used to search for viral content, but it is also great for channel analysis. Five checks per month are available for free.
  • The site provides a wide range of information, including the media networks with which the channel collaborates.

It is better to use several services to get more realistic results.

Calltouch end-to-end analytics combines data from CRM, ad platforms and other marketing tools into handy reports. You can use them to build a complete sales funnel from ad spend to ROI.

Extensions for fast analysis

Use browser extensions to quickly check someone else’s channel. They take less than a minute to install.

The most advanced solutions:

  • VidIQ Vision. Free shows engagement, growth and decline dynamics, but you can also connect paid rates to get advanced statistics, work with keywords and get personalized advice.
  • Helps you study search queries and develop descriptions for your videos.
  • Provides detailed statistics and allows you to compare multiple channels to each other.

The advantage of extensions is that they show statistics immediately, if you go to any YouTube channel.


These sites are rankings. Registration is not required. The most famous directory is Socialblade. Its database contains many channels, the statistics of which can be viewed over the past two years.

The directories are available to anyone for free. There is also a Russian analogue of Socialblade – Whatstat. Its database contains several thousand channels with statistics for three months. The advantage of the site is that the channels are divided into categories: top 100, animals, music, sports, education, hobby and style, humor, science and technology, computer games, and others.

How to use the data

When the statistics show that the author of the channel is using fake promotion, it makes no sense to monitor him. If the competitor uses legal ways of promotion, collect data to analyze relevant content topics, develop their marketing strategy.

Briefly about the main points

YouTube accounts analytics is used for more effective development, and it’s not only your own channel that’s being studied, but other channels as well.

YouTube and Google Analytics provide detailed statistics for personal accounts, but they are not suitable for competitor analysis.

To view the statistics of other people’s channels, they use special services, browser extensions or directories.

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