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Why support copyrighted movies/series?

To create an individual movie or series and use a long time, there are still many expenses that builders will be responsible for if they do a good job. they should support them to receive direct income and encourage them to develop new works for us to see again, right?

Do you know? If you watch a movie/series from a licensed web or app, there is a shallow risk of your computer or mobile being attacked by a virus. Plus, it has a better sound and picture clarity than any other free site. Those pirated sites need some tricks to earn you money. No one is willing to risk uploading illegal movies or series for you to watch for free, at least if you notice.

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watch movies watch series online where is the safest and some copyright

Netflix movies (Netflix) is another online streaming option that many people think of first. Netflix has both a website and an app. You can watch many movies/series/TV shows in Thai, Chinese, Western, Korean or Japanese. Netflix movies offer a 30-day free trial for those who have never been a member before. Yes, the content on Netflix is ​​a variety of entertainment, suitable for people of all ages, and there are no commercials. You can load your favorite movies locally for offline viewing for up to 30 days (only on some titles, not all). You can listen to them in multiple languages, including Thai and English subtitles. Suitable for those who want to practice the language a lot.

In addition, Netflix has made its movies or series known as Netflix Original, as the most popular in 2020 will be the mad zombie kingdom, the boiling throne. There are currently two seasons in total, and a third season is being worked on. Another good thing about Netflix is ​​that you pay a monthly premium. You can divide up to 4 of your friends to watch simultaneously for a month per person.

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