Private Tutor vs Private Tuition Center – What One Is Best?

It is a common question that come to every parents mind is why my kid is not doing well in studies? Should I enroll him/her to private tuition center or hire a private tutor? Which option will suit my kid? This thing comes from past few years and was not virtually exists before. The inability of school teachers make it hard for students to score good at exams. Students find it difficult to cover the lessons taught in the school that is the reason they want to join science or maths tuition center or want to learn from a private home tutor.

Therefore, parents have to hire a private tutor or enroll their kids to a tuition center where they get full attention and can cover the syllabus easily. If you are also one of those parents then you must be thinking that is it worth to take your kids to tuition center? The answer is yes and here we are listing benefits and disadvantages of both private tutor and science tuition centers. Before moving to the pros and cons lets take the cost factor in front so you can decide is it really worth your money or not?


There is a difference in cost of both private tutor and tuition center. First we look at the private teacher. He comes to your home to teach only your kids and give them proper time means they will charge higher than tuition centers. They come especially for your kids or small group consisting of maximum 5 students means they will charge higher. If we look at the cost per hour it can go up to $35-40 per hour.

On the other hand, if we look at the cost of tuition center it can be $20-$25 per hour that is quite affordable. In tuition centers, teachers have many students to teach and in one class there are about 20 students that mean lower price. So now it is clear to you where to go with.

Private Tutor Vs Tuition Center

Private Tutor

A private tutor is the one that comes to your home and teaches your son and daughter only. They come on scheduled time and help clearing the concepts of your kids. It is the good way of one-to-one communication as there is no other student who can distraction the attention of both student and teacher. The teacher can fully focus on your kids and can help him understand the lessons which he was unable to clear in school.


  • Fewer distractions as there is no other student at home and only your kids.
  • Personalized approach and pace that makes it easy for teacher to give full attention to one student.
  • It will improve the confidence in students as what questions they are unable to ask in class can ask at home easily.


  • The cost can be light higher.
  • A tutor may not be good at multiple subjects as he is only specialized in one subject. It means you have to hire more tutor for different subjects.

Tuition Centers

A tuition center is an educational institute that has many teachers working. It is like the school just differ in class size. In school there are more than 30 students and in private tuition centers there are maximum 20 students in one class. They help your kids academically from pre-school to junior level.


  • Curriculum works for students that means they have personalized materials with worksheets and books for both teacher and students.
  • Highly qualified teachers are present to share their knowledge with kids.
  • Well structured environment.


  • Lack of incentive to Self-learn
  • Extra stress comes on kids as tuition center teachers give homework and tests to cover.Read More About: tamilmv