Pros & Cons of the People Counter Sensing Technologies in 2021


Pros & Cons of the People Counter Sensing Technologies in 2021

Initially, what is the People Counter? And why is it so popular and essential to the general public? You may have many questions about these. Here is an article that will help you answer your question.

A people counter is a kind of device that can automatically count the number of people who have enter public buildings or pass through certain areas of the buildings. People counters are usually installed at an entrance of a building.  In this case, they count the people entering, and is much more accurate and easier than a manual handheld clicker counter.

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In this post, the pros and cons of the five most popular people counting technologies will be presented. Hopefully, this summary will let you know which sensor is appropriate for you.

Five most pleasing People Counter sensors in 2021:

1. Magnetic Door Sensor:

Usually, magnetic door sensors sense when doors or window are opened.  It is beneficial to secure your home. These are the same types of magnetic sensors that are used in security systems.


  • This sensor is very inexpensive which is easily accessible to everyone.
  • It has an effortless installation method, because there is no need to align infrared beams and they are usually battery powered.
  • As the name implies, these door sensors count how many times a door opens, and does not count the actual people who pass through the door.
  • It is a battery-powered sensor.


  • Magnetic door sensors cannot sense people. If you wish to count each person, then this technology would not best suit your needs.


2. Side-Mount Infrared Beam Sensor:

An infrared beam sensor is an easy and excellent way to detect motion. It works by transmitting an invisible aspect such as a beam of IR light that is human-invisible.


  • The side-mount infrared beam sensor is inexpensive.
  • Its installation method is relatively simple.
  • It can quickly sense and calculate people.
  • Can very often be battery-powered.
  • Also, its expensive models can easily differentiate between inbound and outbound traffic.


  • Most less expensive infrared beam systems cannot determine the direction in which the person is passing. Therefore, it will count in both directions.  In these cases, they cannot be used to track occupancy.


3. Thermal sensors:

Simply put, these types of thermal sensors are used to detect body heat. Thermal sensors help to detect energy generated from the physique heat. In this case, if someone comes to the door counter, this sensor has to be passed. Through this heat sensor, it can provide the necessary information to different people.


  • Thermal sensors can be a bit more costly.
  • It can quickly feel the body heat of a person approaching it. Therefore, it works well in low-light applications.
  • It is usually mounted above the entrance area.
  • Sometimes it can be powered by a battery.
  • This sensor can calculate accurately despite having more than one person in the field-of-view at the same time. This is because most thermal sensors are mounted on the ceiling.


  • This may not work well in situations where intense sunlight is entering through the entrance area.

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4. Single-camera lens sensor:

A single-camera lens is used in many hotels, pump stations, shops, restaurants, educational institutions like schools and offices.


  • A single-camera lens is a sensor that is much more expensive.
  • Generally, it is mounted above the entrance.
  • It is not possible to run on batteries due to excessive power expenditure.
  • Just like a thermal sensor, it can count multiple people from overhead


  • This sensor can be prone to errors, such as interpreting shadows as people, and is much less accurate than the stereo camera technology, which we will discuss next.
  • Even this sensor cannot define the height, so it only counts children and adults.

5. 3D/Stereo-camera sensor:

Stereo camera people counters provides stereoscopic images. This image processing method used in such excellent applications. These are 3D reformation, robotic controlling & sensing, navigation, tracking, 3D visualization, etc.

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  • Since there are two cameras, they work much like human vision, and are able to determine depth.
  • Since this technology can determine and measure depth, it can also determine the height of objects in the field-of-view. This is what makes this technology noticeably more accurate than the single lens technology.


  • This camera is generally costly; however, it is extremely accurate.

In addition to these five people counting sensor technologies described above, there remain a wide range of people counters. You will find your suitable sensor positively according to your choice and your budget by reading this article.

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