Flower Fashion Over The Century

There would be absolutely no one who could have resisted the charm of flowers. And as women of every century have been mostly into fashion and trends, it is needless even to emphasise the fact how much it had impacted the fashion industry globally. Flowers have always been seen more as a feminine symbol of beauty, and women or young girls of every age seems to be mesmerised by their presence. This is why florals have become the latest thing in the fashion industry. People love to adorn floral fabrics mostly during the summertime as it totally vibes with the entire season – bright and beautiful. Below we have discussed how flower fashion came into the picture over all these years. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you better give this insightful article a read.

The Origin Of Floral Fashion Was With PAeonies In Asia

It is believed that the “floral in fabric” trend initially originated in the East. And then slowly this trend was spread to the west from the Asia and the Orient. The traders of the East brought beautiful highly-priced silk fabrics with stunning floral designs. They sold these fabrics at a high price, so much so that only people in Europe could initially afford them. On those floral fabrics, peonies were a common sight. They were either showcased alone or with some motifs of bird in vibrant patterns. Peonies hold a special significance in Chinese culture, hence these prints became popular on a wide scale in China, then in Japan. Once the time these prints reached in Japan, it was made a little less expensive and a bit more public.

17th to 18th Century – Indian Chintz

There came a time when everyone knew about India due to its chintz-cotton fabric. In such fabric, multicoloured block printed flowers were printed on a shiny base material. It was one such fabric that was introduced by the Europeans to the Indians. Britishers and Dutch people gained a huge profit selling this fabric back in those days. It was said that the inspiration was taken from the local florists, who would include Mumbai online florist, Calcutta online florist and Delhi online florist, among many others.

18th Century Europe – Daisies And Carnations Over Silk Brocade

Europeans loved to flaunt their love for flowers like daisies, carnations and roses in fashionable silk brocade fabrics. Cotton fabrics were widely printed in this era specifically. During the springtime, the preference was usually given to tiny blossoms or some bright spring flowers.

Sunflowers Emerged Out Of The Victorian Era

Around 1832 onwards, one flower which tends to make people’s clothes looked fancy and fashionable was sunflowers. It was the famous poet and thinker William Morris who brought sunflowers in fabric. This turned out to look so gorgeous that sunflower as a design was further incorporated in wallpapers and tiles too.

Today: The Flo-rious (Glorious) Twentieth Century

Flowers in fashion has constantly inspired textile designers, which is why it has been one of the evergreen trends which exists up till now. From headgears to footwears, the charm of flowers has been added to every fashion apparel and accessory. It was from the 60s, the concept of flower power rose to the legendary rise of floral leggings, wherein in between, we guess, flowers continued to stay as a refreshing style. There were and are still amazing fashion shows happening wherein designers love to showcase their collections with a dash of florals. Even lingerie seems to have incorporated this trend over time. A touch of seduction has been added to the innerwear lines as the power of the flowers continues to make their way into every women’s closet somehow.