Rocket League Guide To Basketball, Beach Ball, Snow Day and Dropshot Modes

In case you had wondered, the classic Rocket League mode is not the only one available in the game. Being able to drive a flying car with wheels implies endless possibilities, some capable of simulating existing sports, others completely imaginative.

In addition to decorating your battle-car with different Rocket League items, the various game modes in the game are also very attractive. Going to Play and then extra mode you will find that there are 4 different modes from the classic one, with their own rules and even unique playing fields. Let’s see what they are and let’s talk about them briefly. 

Tips For Dropshot Mode

Perhaps the most original mode, with playing field and effects that are very reminiscent of Tron. It is one of the best ways to train boost management and flight skills, since it takes place almost all in the air and the turbo is constantly charging. This is because, as the name suggests, the goal is to “droppare” that is to drop the ball into the opposing half of the field, to create chasm in the ground where you can score goals. You need to spend any Rocket League credits for unlock the mode. At the beginning of the game the ball will be in mid-air, ready to be reached and hit on the fly; if hit with sufficient force, it will assume the color of the team that signals its possession. Only in this case, once it has come into contact with the terrain of the opposing field, will it release the accumulated energy by splitting the tiles of which it is composed and opening real voids. Cars can’t fall into it, but the ball goes, giving the opposing half-court team a point. Above all, keep three things in mind: the ball will cause so much more damage the stronger it has been hit; once it has touched the ground (the walls do not count) it will unsea, so you will be forced to hit it again; finally, it is enough for an opposing car to disfiber it to cause its color change and therefore the team passage. In this case you will immediately have to switch to the defense of your half of the field to prevent it from coming into contact with the dowels.

Tips For Basketball Mode

This mode simulates a 2v2 basketball game: the “doors” are large baskets in which you can drop the ball only from above. At the beginning of the game, just like in basketball, the ball will have to be hit in mid-air. Unlike Dropshot, however, here the boost does not charge automatically; you will have to go and look for it in the various bases scattered on the field, as in a normal game. The playing field is more contained than a standard car-football field, however scoring is not easy at all. We recommend practicing especially using the banks of the field to place the ball on the roof of your car and catapult it into the basket, or take advantage of the bounces on the walls to achieve the same result. Matches between experienced players in this mode are spectacular to say the least because the ball basically never touches the ground.

Tips For Snow Day Mode

Flatten the ball, cover the field with ice and you’ll get rocket league hockey! This 3v3 mode is the favorite of many, perhaps because it allows you to play games completely different from the classic ones. In fact, even if the way of making points is the same, the rules of the game are decidedly different: the ball is a large hockey puck, flat, heavy and very slippery since it almost does not make friction on the ice. Lifting it off the ground is almost impossible, but it is not necessary since the doors are on the ground. You’ll often see him go from one side of the field to the other with absurd speed and all the cars trying to stop and control him. This is in fact the perfect way to train in anticipating the ball and predicting its movements, even at great speed. It’s also a great way to learn how to coordinate with teammates, as you’ll often score goals by taking advantage of a quick pass or bounce that surprises the goalkeeper.

Tips For Beach Brawl Mode

In this mode, conceived for pure fun, the most unthinkable things can happen. It consists in playing a normal game of ca-r-lcio (the ball is round, the physics is equal) 3v3, with the difference that every 10 seconds you will have a power-up able to abruptly change the course of the game. The countdown is located at the bottom right, and at the end of the 10 seconds you will always see the type of fully random upgrade that you can use with the pressure of L3 (left stick) always appear there. The fact that all other players can also, every 10 seconds, activate an upgrade, sufficiently explains the name of this mode, which soon turns into total chaos; power-ups range from huge spring-loaded punches that can push the ball directly into the opposing door from a great distance, to stray hurricanes that lift cars (including yours) into the air, and even teleport! If you are not looking for competition but just want to have fun with friends, this is the mode for you; re(s)atheist are guaranteed.

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We briefly explained what the other rocket league game modes consist of. Initially there were no rankings for these, but they were also introduced here giving players the opportunity to climb the ranks and compete with opponents of the same level. What are you waiting for them all to try?

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