stop complaining, you can find opportunities “Jack Ma”

I never thought that I will be standing here talking to you like this because last to you, our Ali Baba had a IPO. It was a great IPO and people that you are so smart.

How could you make a company like that? But before the IPO, a lot of people said Alibaba is a terrible model. It was a problem here and there the founder is terrible. Yes, that’s right. I’m, a 100 % made in China.

I learned my English by myself and I tried to teach myself how to programming on computer. I still don’t know why how it works, but that is not important. Like all of you here, we all have expectation for the future.

We all worry about the future. I did not have a rich father, not from you know well-educated. I said I tried three times for university all filled. For the last time I went to the Teachers College, which was considered the third or four class of my city, but I think that is the best University I’ve ever had better than Harvard and Wharton.

I apply for harbor for ten times all filled. They don’t want to see me, you know terrible, and I I think that is a normal life right and I believe that it was so difficult at that time. I was so frustrated because I taught in the university my pay was ten dollars a mouth.

What’s, not easy, but I believe that something something is waiting for me there and I have to work hard to prove myself. So that was the tough experience  I never thought I was smart. Nobody believed that I could be successful because everybody would say wow this guy think differently.

Think of crazily. You know they think about something. Never worked in 1994. Discuss that I’m. Going to do something called Internet and 23 of them against it. They say this is stupid. Idea right. We have never heard about Internet and you know nothing about computer.

Why you want to do the computer? So no, but I agree with, as I said, I believe it because I saw the computer in 1994 when I went the USA. I think this thing could be big, but I never thought it would be bad big Fishing Game.

Like today, honestly people say you’re smart, you have a big vision. 1994, since he has sought Internet. That was not true. I just want to find a job because I could not find a good job, so I do myself so that is the history that’s, the thing, and now after 16 years we have a lot of.

We have a Alibaba Group. We have a team or group, we have a tarball group where, for a leap, a and people say how you make it. Why this make it? Why people cannot have fun opportunities? You can find opportunities, and I think people same here today, Jeff.

Where is the opportunity? I don’t have a job. I don’t. Have this, I don’t have a debt. I remember 20 years ago I hate a Bill Gates. I say he took all the job. You know he saw such a great Larry Page Bill Gates and every success people they did a good and why I don’t.

Have this chance. The same question like you and later I can’t down myself and luckily I wing. I tell you unlucky to know a lot of famous people Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Jack Welch Larry Page Mark Zuckerberg.

I know all of them. I would like to share with you that those people the difference between those people and other people. They are always optimistic for the future. They never complain. They always tried to solve the problems of the others, and I think where is the opportunity? The opportunity lies always lies in the place where people complain, some people sit.

There complain you think if I can stop that complain, that’s, the opportunity that’s, what I did and I think 1994-1995, so many people in China want to sell things abroad, but there’s no place because the Big business can’t, go to the trade fair in Las Vegas, Fair and Germany, fair small business.

They don’t have opportunity, so they complete. We want to go the trade shows, but they cannot get visa. They don’t have money, they don’t relationship. So I think if Internet can help this small business, it would be great, but nobody would have believed it why Internet can help well, I said if, if something everybody believe it everybody loved it forget about that’s, not your opportunity, because, where everybody Agrees why this opportunity should be yours, because a lot of people don’t agree with it, and you think this is good, think carefully and find a group of people working together and making sure the people working with you together believe the dreams, whether Investors believe it this or not, whether your friends believe it or not, whether your parents believe it or not, that’s, not important, you believe it, your team, believe it and work day and night on this, that’s.

All the things happens right. My investors do nothing after 10 years they invested us this. You don’t know what I’m. Doing honestly people say why are you jack? You have such so many great investors yeah.

They are great because they believe Jacquemont can do something, but what exactly is doing? They? Probably don’t understand, but we have to know. We know the only thing. I tell you guys for the first three years.

We do not have the even one dollar revenue from our business, but why it keeps a going ahead going forward, because I received lots of email of thanks from the customer. They say this is such a great thing.

If you can keep on doing that, we cannot obtain you, but this thing helped us. If you keep on helping us one day, you will be successful and I believe this, and I want people here that let you know that we are at the best time of this century.

The first technology revolution the steam, the water in the UK very successful after 50 years. The second technology revolution is called energy revolution, electricity. After 50 years electricity was founded, business booming Internet has only four to two years.

The next 30 years is the best time for us for our young people. We are all lucky. We are only fear only like 20 or 30 years old, the necklace it is the best time. The last 20 years is the time I caught information technology.

That’s, the IT IT is to make us make the big company getting bigger and stronger, and IT is to make yourself stronger. I t’s, try to get something for you, but now we are entering into the new period, which I call the data technology.

The data technology is do totally opposite of IT. It is, I have you don’t have DTS, you have it. I don’t, have it I don’t have to have it. Dt is about a sharing details about take responsibility. Dt is about a passion for the future, so we are coming into the next 30 years of data technology period, which your parents me no idea, which your friends may not like it.

But if you believe the next 30 years is the one for purifiers and by the way, at the DT period, everybody is the same because we are stuck from the same line. Nobody is the expert of teaching. There are a lot of experts of IT.

They may be in trouble so which I were to say the best. The best assets you have is that you are young. Don’t complain, let the other people complain. Those people complain those people who spill and do not always say well.

I don’t have think about how you can make things different use, your own brain to think. Lastly, I want to share you. I learn my English. I learn how to think use my own brain. When I was young, I went to hangzhou western lake.

You know we have a westerly there’s, a hotel, many foreign visitors visit there and I went there every morning. Five o’clock to practice. My English, the foreign visitors, come. I practice my English.

I don’t know why at that time, but I found everything the foreign visitors told me are so different from the things my parents told me. My teacher told me, and the newspaper I read so since then – I think everything used my own brain to think about is that true? Is that an opportunity inside? Is there anything? I can do that, make the difference.

Think about this and then, when you think about this study, do it. I saw a lot of people. Young people have a fantastic ideas every evening, but in the morning they go to the office same again. Make the move make the action to everybody to any person.

Tomorrow is new and believe one thing that’s, just also another last advice. I want to give you they have to work very hard right, either work for the others or work for yourself, and I choose the way work, my for myself, but working for myself.

That means working for the society. If you really want to work with yourself think about the others, the day, dt time making sure you help others, because only when the other had other people successful.

When the other people happy you’ll be successful, you will be happy. Thank you very much.