How to find the best Amazon FBA freight forwarder?


How to find the best Amazon FBA freight forwarder?

As an online seller, you always give top priority to your reputation in the business world. You have tried your best to provide quality products and impeccable customer service. You never let a freight forwarder ruin this status. A freight forwarding agency is responsible for managing the shipping process when you concentrate on your products and services. As an Amazon seller, you will find the need for engaging shipping services. And you really require them to deliver straightforward service to you, and nothing else. You have two major options for transporting goods to Amazon’s fulfillment center-

  • Freight forwarder
  • Amazon-partnered carrier

We think that Amazon FBA freight forwarding companies can be the best choice to reach products to your customers. You can visit to find best guide in this regard.

Let us tell you something about Amazon FBA. FBA represents Fulfillment by Amazon, and this unique service enables you to store your products in the Amazon’s distribution center. Qualified eCommerce sellers can join the Amazon Prime program and provide free 2-day shipping solutions to customers.

However, how will you reach your merchandise to Amazon? As Amazon manages the backend process of product shipping and housing, you have to transport products to the fulfillment center.

As you are shipping goods to Amazon FBA from China, you have two options-

  • Ship directly to Amazon FBA from China– It refers to direct shipping to Amazon FBA from suppliers. Suppliers will arrange shipments to the Amazon warehouse. Moreover, you have to choose between air freight and sea freight options.
  • Ship goods to your home before sending them to Amazon warehouse– If you have shipped your merchandise to your home, you can view and check them. So, you can choose this option.

Tips to find the best and reliable Amazon FBA freight forwarder

You may have come across several FBA freight forwarding agencies. It is essential to make a deal with the right one to get the desired service. You must check for the below-mentioned options to find the best freight forwarder.

  • Does the company deliver products to the chosen destination?

Although lots of companies advertise international shipping services, they can cover one country. Reliable forwarders always display detailed information on their official websites. Before finalizing your decision, you need to check it out thoroughly.

  • Availability of insurance options

In some cases, an FBA freight forwarder offers the basic insurance that includes the cost for damage and loss. If you are delivering valuable and time-sensitive goods, you must know about insurance options.

Costly machinery, antiques, solar panels, glass items, and other fragile products need professional packaging for successful shipping. The general liability insurance of freight forwarders may not cover some of these items.

  • Is the freight forwarder a member of networks and trade associations?

The membership of any trade association indicates a type of seal of approval. These freight forwarders pass several checks to qualify for the membership. They have high integrity, operational efficiency, and financial strength.

  • Check out communication options

By having an agreement with the FBA freight forwarder, you have to ensure that someone manages your cargos. You may need to communicate with the company using an online contact form, phone lines, email, etc.

The best freight forwarder always gives priority to your business. It has to learn your business objectives and establish standard operating processes. Moreover, these forwarders have to inform you about any modifications to Amazon’s FBA policies. Based on these policies, they will provide you with ideas of streamlining your supply chain.

  • Tracking facility

Although professionals of a freight forwarding company can interact with you, real-time tracking solutions are essential. Consult with your freight forwarders to know about their tracking software.

Further, from the online dashboard, you have to be able to deal with your paperwork, proof of delivery, and customized reports.

  • Freight forwarders must remain forewarned

The best Amazon FBA freight forwarding agencies have updated information about international issues, including trade problems, holidays, and strikes. By checking this information, you can think of the forthcoming deliveries.

Thus, make sure that the freight forwarding company has the most knowledgeable stuff.

  • Do not always pursue low-priced options

Due to the high competition, some freight forwarders claim to collect goods at a low price. However, this low price can increase the risk. For instance, they refer to taxable items as non-taxable ones. Ultimately, during custom checks, there will be a penalty. Thus, low-priced services may not always be the right choice.

While searching for the FBA freight forwarder, you can find a list of 2 to 3 names. You can check out their pricing and reviews.

Reasons to work with an Amazon FBA freight forwarder

  • Discounted and low shipping rates

While buying products, customers focus on three major things- price, product quality, and shipping speed. Moreover, they also look for products with special offers. Discount offers can make the deal more lucrative. 

With FBA, you are eligible to ship your products free. Thus, you can easily make your products alluring to your customers. There is no need to charge a shipping fee from your customers.

  • Better management of returns and quality customer services

It may be essential to contact Amazon’s customer services at the time of fulfillment. That is why you can choose a freight forwarding company to make everything easier for you.

You know that customers always like to deal with companies providing a better response to their queries. It will be simpler for you to manage customers’ issues related to product shipping. While you are focusing on your business activities, freight forwarder will keep you away from customer complaints.

Moreover, buyers can access to Online Returns Center of Amazon. They may return defective items at any time without facing the hassle of reverse logistics.

  • No need to deal with complicated paperwork

As you are working with an Amazon FBA freight forwarding company, you may avoid complications related to international shipping. For instance, your FBA freight forwarder will manage customs paperwork, bonds, government filings, and the right classifications. If implemented improperly, these things may delay the delivery process.

Besides, your freight forwarders may give you instructions on legal regulations to prevent your goods’ seizing. However, although freight forwarders simplify your shipping process, you have to be liable for Certifications, Authorizations, and Licenses needed for the cargo.

  • FBA freight forwarding companies manage packaging process

Amazon has some packaging requirements, and while shipping products to Amazon from China, you have to fulfill them. The best freight forwarders know about these requirements.

For instance, one of the outer packaging rules is to use boxes with measuring 6 by 4 by 1 inches to minimize delays. The weight of a box must not be more than 50lbs while they do not have one oversized item. When the box has jewelry and watches, its weight should not be more than 40lbs.

There are also rules for labeling Amazon products. Proper labeling enables Amazon to move the inventory fast and make it available for sales.

Hire the reliable Amazon FBA freight forwarder-

The full-service logistics company, China Freight, is specialized in delivering goods to benefit Amazon sellers. It is one of the reliable companies for Amazon sellers to ship goods from China. If you are making inquiries, you will find the real professionalism of the company. Responsive and reliable freight forwarder, China Freight will ask you about your cargos and other relevant information. You can choose air freight or ocean freight with the best services from China Freight.

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