Striking Hair Trends for Summer 2021


Unbelievably, the past year has brought about a notable change in the category of hairstyles people prefer. Despite the Covid-19 crisis, the world witnessed celebrities such as Bella Hadid, playing hairstylists from the comfort of their homes. Ranging from layers to bob cuts, these leading lights, in the fashion world, took over the trends by storm. Subsequently, this year we are seeing more of unusual hair trends such as the mullet cut, and the perm dyed peculiarly. Instead, natural hair colors as well as hair trends including curtain bangs, box bob and pixie are found to be more conspicuous. You can find out what suits you best during this summer in the deep wave collection by trying out these trendy wigs!

Curly Bob Wig

One of the most popular hair trends of Summer 2021, the Curly Bob Wig was seen looking spectacular on our favorite celebrities, Zendaya Coleman and Rihanna Fenty. Found in any color with a natural look, a curly bob wig will make you look stunning in a fashionably frizzy manner. Not surprisingly, this hair trend is slowly making its way down the vogue chain as hairstylists around the globe seek to leave their clients with the best curly bob seen on anybody. Consequently, TV show directors as well as the modelling industry are finding this to be the new hairdo.

U-Part Wig

The U-Part hair trend recently made its way to the fashion industry after Gigi Hadid, a prominent model figure, was caught with this hairstyle on the red carpet for British Fashion Awards. Protective and all-time stylish, the U-Part wigs come in a variety of sizes to befit your needs. As a bonus, a U-Part wig allows you to wear your natural hair in the mix which gives you access to your hair, so you can routinely shower your curls with the care that they need to remain beautiful and attractive. However, it must be kept in mind to properly install the wig and take the aftercare measures in order to rock this contemporary coiffure!

Pros and Cons of Wearing Wigs

Natural human hair wigs, as discussed above, are less susceptible to heat damage and use real human hair fibers which gives them an inborn appearance. Furthermore, if maintained and cared for properly, these wigs can come out looking impressive and completely natural. So get a move on and try your hand at one of these sensational hair styles at the tip of your fingers!

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