How to build a high tunnel greenhouse:


The high tunnel greenhouse increases the growing conditions and provides a flexible structure that can adapt to the changing production and storage requirements of a farm. The high tunnel greenhouse (Norhage) is so valuable that there are a plethora of firms and resources available to assist you in obtaining one or building your own.

However, with claims of significant cost reductions, minimum labour, and short construction schedules, the do-it-yourself method to high tunnels has gained a lot of traction.


A high tunnel greenhouse has a clear structure. It is made out of a series of bending ribs with translucent plastic stretched over them. Because the frames make an arch, the greenhouse’s top is rounded like a Wooden shack. Normally, the greenhouse’s sides are covered with woodwork.

The doorway and any ventilation or exhaust fans are located at the ends since the ends are straighter and stronger than the walls. The material is frequently attached to a base at the floor of the greenhouse.


It is critical that the land chosen for high tunnel greenhouse installation be adequately drained and leveled. Rainfall is displaced by high tunnels greenhouse; thus, drainage equipment is required to redirect the water. In addition, improved irrigation lines must be installed, as well as gas and electricity if required.

The distance between high tunnels and greenhouses and barriers such as trees or buildings must be half the size of the impediment as a basic guideline. When high tunnels greenhouses are oriented east-west, it also relates to the area between them.


The greenhouse’s frames can be made out of practically any bending material. Tubing or a flexible metal pipe, are the most frequent materials. You can bend strong metal pipe with the help of special pipe bending equipment. You can also create a simple frame out of branches rather than pipe. The plastic covering is commonly a (UV-resistant) polyethylene sheet. Wood or fiberglass, can be used to construct the high tunnel greenhouse sides.


The equipment required for crop will be determined by the type of crop planted, the climates at the production facility, and the major production season chosen. The type of glass material utilized, and the quantity of additional heating that required to be delivered are all factors to consider.

Furthermore, winter season crops cultivated during the hottest months of the year will necessitate cooling equipment in the production area.

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Uses of High-tunnel greenhouse:

The specifics of constructing a high tunnel greenhouse are determined by how you intend to use it. Install 2 levels of plastic sheets with an air gap between them if you want to plant warm-weather plants in the winter.

Purchasing specially prepared two-layer material is the simplest approach to install the double layer. If you want to hang plants from the greenhouse’s roof, you’ll need to use durable ribbing and strengthen between the ribs.



The cost and simple construction are two main benefits of a high tunnel greenhouse above other greenhouse types. The materials used to create a high tunnel are far less expensive than those used to construct a standard metal-framed, plastic, or crystal home.


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