The King of Gemstones – Manik (Ruby)

After diamonds, rubies are the only stones that have stolen the attention of the customers. It is the ruby gemstone that has attracted women mostly. The stone is found in a variety of deep pink or blood-red colors. The stone is considered the precious stone of the corundum mineral family. Ruby gemstone has some similarities with the sapphire stone and that’s why it is called the red sapphire of the corundum mineral family. After diamonds, Ruby is the second most stone which has a hardness of 9 moh scale. There are many precious varieties of ruby stones available in the market such as Burma ruby, pigeon blood ruby, and many more. The ruby stone is recognized as the stone of success in life. It is believed to help in career, business, and sports. If you have a lack of confidence then this can be an important gem for you. It boosts the self-confidence of the native that helps a person to perform better in life. Ruby is also considered the gem of planet sun. Ruby, which is famous for its amazing healing power and the red color represents the sun planet and due to the association of the sun with ruby stone, it is called Ratnaraj. As the sun is believed as the mother of all the planets, Ruby is supposed to be the king of the gemstones.

Ruby stone is believed to be the birthstone of July month. The person who is born in July can wear the ruby stone and there are possibly more chances of getting the maximum benefits from the stone. The stone suits the wearer according to the placement of the sun planet in the horoscope. If it is placed in the positive then this can give you many benefits or it will show the positive influences and if it is placed in the negative in the birth chart then ruby stone is worn to protect the native from the ill or negative effects of the sun planet. To improve the career, health, temperament, and social status of the wearer, Ruby stone is preferred. The ruby stone is best suggested for the Leo sign and that’s the reason stone is known as the birthstone for the Leo sun sign. Here we are going to discuss some of the benefits of wearing a ruby stone.

Benefits of wearing a Manik stone:

Ruby for Professional and Academics success:  Manik is ruled by the powerful planet sun. The stone is best recommended for those who are working in professions or positions where authority is required. Ruby stone is symbolized as love, passion, authority, self-confidence, and social status. Hence, if you are a part of administrative services, politics, diplomacy, and other leadership roles then they are advised to wear the ruby stone. The ruby is best suggested for those who are appearing in the government exams. The stone is having the ability to boost up the growth of the business. If you are advised to wear a ruby stone then there are certain things that you should know. To get the benefits from the stone you will need to take the guide from the astrologer. Henceforth, it is required to consult an astrologer before wearing the stone.

Ruby for Better Paternal Relationships: As we all know the sun is recognized as the father figure in Vedic astrology. The stone is supposed to hold some of the positive influences on Paternal Relationships. About ruby stone, it is believed that the stone is beneficial for the native’s father and thus the Manik stone is worn to fight against the difficult circumstances in life.

Ruby for Financial and Social Status: One of the most important benefits of wearing a ruby stone is that it boosts the social status of the wearer. Ruby stone helps the wearer to not only elevate his financial condition but also helps maintain the imperial and luxurious lifestyle.

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