Top-5 Advantageous Features of Using Carbon Fiber That Things You Don’t Know Before

In the 19th century, Carbon fibers brought a revolution in materials science. The carbon fiber-reinforced composite material is called a carbon fiber composite material and refers to a fiber-reinforced composite material having carbon fiber as the main component.  Since Edison’s era, carbonized cotton and bamboo fibers are used in the filament of incandescent light bulbs; CFRP is the modern form of the carbon fiber evolution. 

Nowadays, Carbon fiber plays a significant role in modern materials science; it has extensive uses in every modern technology sector. By changing the material from conventional metal parts to CFRP, it is possible to reduce the size, weight, and energy, so the material is being replaced. That’s why many sectors like airspace, robotics are used carbon fiber sheets to manufactures products due to their lightweight advantages. 

Whatever; Carbon fiber sheet low thermal expansion rate, reaction characteristics, and the self-lubricating property is widely used in various applications. Thus, if you are engrossed in knowing the fundamental beneficial features of carbon fiber plate or sheet, here are some specific valuable facts.   

Light and strong: 

It is a composite material in which carbon fibers are laminated with a resin binder mainly thermosetting resin. The specific gravity of carbon fiber is about 1.5 to 1.8 (the specific gravity of iron is 7.8), which is very light. 

Besides, since the binder is a resin, the heat resistance is slightly inferior, but it is a very light material with excellent strength (specific strength and specific elasticity). Properties such as heat resistant temperature, chemical resistance, and hardness of Carbon fiber are affected by the resin used.

High strength and rigidity: 

In general, carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites have a tensile strength of 3500 MPa or more, 7 to 9 times that of steel, and a tensile modulus of 23000 to 43000 MPa higher than that of steel. 

Indeed, the specific strength of carbon fiber is the ratio of strength to density, which can exceed 2000 MPA / (g / cm3), but the specific strength of A3 steel is about 59 MPA / (g / cm3), which is the specific elastic modulus. It is higher than steel. As a result, the product’s characteristics differ greatly depending on whether the carbon fiber material is laminated and molded in the same direction or one by one in different directions.

Electromagnetic shield performance: 

The volume resistivity of carbon fiber is (0.8-1.8) x 10-3Ω cm. The conductivity increases as the heat treatment temperature rise, so carbon fiber after high-temperature graphitization becomes an excellent reflective material for electromagnetic waves. 

Essentially, you can improve the carbon fiber’s electromagnetic shielding performance by modifying the surface of the carbon fiber. The main methods are surface activation, surface deposition, surface metallization, and cross-sectional profile. The multiple reflections of the carbon fiber’s resin matrix composite are increased by activating the continuous carbon fiber’s surface. The shielding effect of the carbon fiber composite is improved.

Impact resistance and long life: 

Carbon fiber composites have excellent anti-aging properties. According to research, it has shown that carbon fiber boxes have a lifespan of over 20 years. During this period of use, the box body’s maximum aging thickness is less than 50, and the mechanical properties of the box body are unaffected.

Since thermosetting resin has low viscosity before heat is applied, it easily blends with carbon fiber used as a reinforcing material and has muscular adhesive strength. It is characterized by its high mechanical properties such as strength and elasticity and high heat resistance.

High transmittance of X-rays: 

In conventional X-ray machines, aluminum was mainly used because it is a light, durable material with a small atomic weight. Carbon fiber’s raw material has a small atomic weight and high X-ray transmittance, so it is applied to roentgen equipment.

Moreover, there are other materials with low atomic weight, but Li (lithium) does not exist as a simple substance due to its extremely high reactivity.

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