Understanding day/night cricket

Due to the characteristics of the game, cricket matches are normally played in daylight conditions. Punters can try different sports bet on in.1xbet.com, which also features a great cricket section with hundreds of different matches.

However, in order to give more flexibility to the scheduling of the sport, a few decades ago it was decided to make a huge change to it. This modification saw the introduction of day/night cricket. As its name implies, now it is not mandatory to have daylight conditions in order to play a match. The different sports on 1xBet also feature excellent opportunities to bet on cricket.

Unsanctioned beginnings

Cricket is a sport that has been played in one form or another since many centuries ago. However, the first night matches were played only in the 1970s. The first competition to feature matches of this kind was the World Series Cricket. However, this championship wasn’t recognized by the International Cricket Council. The http://in.1xbet.com/line/Cricket/ website also has lots of tournaments that are recognized by this entity.

However, in 1979, the ICC finally gave its blessing to matches played in this format. This saw a huge expansion of this then-brand new format of the game. In fact, there have been many competitions that were played in day/night format. Some examples are:

  • the 2014 edition of the ICC World Twenty20;
  • the 2011 edition of the Cricket World Cup;
  • and also, multiple Test matches.

The 1xBet site allows its members to wager on matches of all those competitions and kinds. Since the aforementioned competitions, this format was also expanded to even first-class cricket.

Expanding even more

The first first-class cricket match played in day/night format was a huge win for proponents of this form of the game. This was a contest played between Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. When visiting the website in.1xbet.com/line/kabaddi – kabaddi live TV and also live cricket can be found.

There were a few specific aspects about this match. For example, the ball used in the event was pink, which improved its visibility. The occurrence of this match also convinced the cricket authorities of many countries to try this variation of the game on their territories. Some of them were Australia, India and also Bangladesh.

The English County Championship also had its first day/night match in 2011. Here the teams of Glamorgan and Kent faced against each other. Some great live TV can be found on 1xBet, which has kabaddi and also the great County Championship. Since then, basically all other countries where cricket is a popular game followed suit.

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