Vacations and e-cigarette: How to prepare your next trip in Europe 


Vacations and e-cigarette: How to prepare your next trip in Europe 

Planning to go on vacation? Be aware that vacations and e-cigarettes might not always mix well.

Many countries prohibit the use of the E-cigarette, especially in public places. At the end of 2020, we counted close to 100 countries that regulate or ban the use, purchase, or possession of E-cigarettes.  

Here is an overview of the various legislations so you can best prepare your next trip/vacation abroad.

Data sources for legislation on vaping products

The website lists all national laws regulating use and/or possession of an electronic cigarette. It was set up by the Institute for Global Tobacco Control in order to relay the results of its various studies and analyses.

The institute itself relies on the « Tobacco Watcher », a tool designed by the John Hopkins University of Medicine. This tool analyzes thousands of news articles published around the world every day in order to monitor tobacco products legislation. 

Which European country is banning usage of vape devices in public places ?

If you travel to Europe, you should be aware that vaping in public places is completely forbidden in a bunch of European countries: Hungary, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Ireland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Belgium, Greece, Belgium, Greece and France.

Of course, as we all know, significant increases in tobacco taxes and prices across europeran countries lead a bunch of smokers to quit tobacco products and explore alternatives such as vaping. 

Some users newbies in vape, chose to purchase e-liquids ready to be used, while the reckless will prepare their own E-liquid DIY style.

European countries are not the only ones to ban vaping in public places: the United States, applies a strict legislation as well as Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, Philippines, South Korea, Panama, Serbia, Turkey.

Vacations and vaping: countries prohibiting import of E-cigarettes

You’ll be surprised to hear that some countries simply prohibit the import of electronic cigarettes. This is the case of Argentina, Thailand, Brazil, Cambodia, Brunei, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Colombia, Kuwait, Lithuania, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Singapore, Mexico, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Suriname, Turkey, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Quite surprising no ? It is safe to assume that these bans due to the strength of the tobacco lobby who fight hard to prevent vaping products from being accessible in these countries.

This ban does not only concern trade for vaping devices, but actually also the simple importation of an electronic cigarette on their territory is forbidden. If you travel with an e-cigarette device, it will be confiscated by the customs right upon landing !

Be aware that vaping is completely prohibited in the following countries : Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Jordan, the Gulf countries, Brunei, Oman, Brazil, Argentina. Violators are exposed to very heavy fines, confiscation of the equipment or even imprisonment.

Traveling with his electronic cigarette, which countries should you avoid ?

Depending on the means of transport you’ll use, some countries are forbidding to carry vaping devices on board, this concerns especially air travel. 

When traveling by air, the regulations that apply to the e-cigarettse is the same as the one for electrical devices: it must be carried in the cabin. If you carry spare batteries, you must also take them in the also take them in the cabin with you. As a general rule, batteries should never be carried in the hold baggage. This also applies to computers.

Concerning eliquids, the legislation remains eactly the same as for any liquid. In the cabin, the bottles must not cross 100ml capacity and must be  stored in a transparent airtight bag (similar to a freezer bag) with a maximum capacity of 1L.

Please note that the pressurization and depressurization of the cabin can cause leaks in your electronic cigarette. We therefore advise you to close your airflow during the trip, the ideal being to empty your tank before boarding.

Have a safe and pleasant trip and happy vaping !

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