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The popularity of computer games is growing every day, children and adults spend more and more time in this activity, which makes them think about how to use gambling for good – first of all, for learning.
According to Knowable Magazine, certain types of video games can improve brain function for a narrow set of tasks. Several studies have also shown their effectiveness in second language learning, mathematics, and science. This is potentially good news for pupils and students, as well as millions of people who love to play or can’t stop playing.

The latter phenomenon, by the way, is a long-standing cause for concern for parents and doctors. More than half of Russians (58%) believe that video games do more harm than good (according to VTsIOM as of August 15, 2019), while noting the negative impact on the psyche and manifestations of aggressive behavior. Also, 54% of citizens have a bad attitude to the hobby for games of loved ones.

According to various estimates, there are more than 2.3 billion gamers in the world (according to data for 2018), and two years ago, the World Health Organization finally decided to include addiction to online and video games in the list of diseases (ICD-11 will enter into force from 2022). People (and not only young people) spend a lot of time playing games, and this is a fact in connection with which the task arises to turn this hobby into something more productive than simple entertainment and removal of negative emotions.

The Cons of introducing games into the educational process

Greene, now a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, notes that games can help train professionals whose work involves increased visual attention – for example, surgeons, law enforcement officers, or the military. The latter, by the way, is confirmed even at a very high level. “The ability to quickly assimilate information, react and coordinate actions, while remaining calm under pressure, is often a sign of people who play well,” he told BBC. But Greene also acknowledges that the real-life benefits of playing conditional Call of Duty for hours may be limited: if the time for video games crowds out time for other tasks, other skills may suffer over time.

It is also important that the results obtained in experiments are very specific and are valid only within the framework of the task at hand: that is, “shooters” do not improve spatial thinking, as in the case of “Tetris”, but, on the contrary, it does not improve visual attention. In turn, educator and psychologist Richard Mayer claims that having studied this topic for a long time, he did not find convincing evidence that the so-called games for training the brain really helped significantly improve memory, attention, or speed of decision-making.

How to make money on esports

Meanwhile, interest in esports around the world is only growing. The global market reached $ 775 billion in 2021, and according to the PwC report, its revenue will grow by an average of 18.3% every year. Esports streams in India were watched by 2 million people.

Not so long ago, the idea of ​​gambling for a living seemed unrealistic. Now some players can financially support their families and see this as a good career opportunity. To keep abreast of the latest news, gamers read news columns or new Jeetwin reviews.

Incomes of athletes vary from $ 2,000 to $ 15,000. People who do not know how to play computer games can make money on the game of professionals by placing bets in the JeetWin app online. At the same time, in addition to the team salary, gamers can receive a substantial amount of prize money for winning tournaments, donations (voluntary donations from viewers) on streams (online broadcasts of what is happening on a computer or console), sponsor support, and advertising.

However, with the introduction of new areas of esports and the introduction of video games in classrooms, a number of difficult tasks arise: firstly, the idea of ​​how to teach new disciplines and effectively use gaming opportunities in the Jeetwin classroom has not yet been fully implemented. formed. Secondly, it is not entirely clear how to minimize the risks associated with prolonged use of the computer: problems with vision, excess weight, posture, social, autonomous interaction, and possible computer addiction. Despite this, online and video games have good prospects for a more firmly entrenched position in the educational process, and, perhaps, very soon, parents will not scold their children for a long time at the computer, but will begin to take part in them.
According to research, 70% of users prefer to play on mobile phones. It is much more convenient and practically on par with PC games. Therefore, the developers of mobile devices strive to ensure that their technology meets all the needs of users.
Game developers do not stand still either! Companies are constantly releasing new updates to keep games and online Jeetwin applications running smoothly. Users expect online products, games for mobile phones to have the same graphics and realism of characters. These requests are easily fulfilled by artists and 3D animators. You can verify this right now casino news site. And new users are guaranteed registration bonuses.

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