What gift you should buy for a baby?

Hooray, someone you know just gave birth! Hello beautiful baby! You’re dying to go on a maternity visit, but you have no idea what to bring for the little one. Recognizable? Here you will find an overview of gifts for baby that make new parents really happy.

What is an original maternity gift?

A maternity gift is something you can surprise new parents with during their maternity period. If you give a maternity gift during the maternity visit, you naturally want it to be something that is used often and that really benefits the young family. Not something that ends up on the big pile and is forgotten.

Do you want to look beyond giving a hug? Then choose an original maternity gift that:


Something that characterizes your relationship with the parents or brings back a memory. This way, the new parents will never forget who gave them that special maternity gift.

Captures a beautiful moment. 

Think of a storage box, where the parents can store all kinds of memories, such as the first slippers, ultrasound photos and the hospital wristband of the delivery. Also, a plaster impression set or enlarging the birth announcement on wood or canvas.

Useful and convenient. 

This is especially advisable for a first child. With this you help new parents to tick off their baby layering list. You can make a real diaper cake or fill a nice basket with hydrophilic diapers, care products, pacifiers and fun onesies. Parents of a second or third child are also often happy with a useful gift, as they often already have a supply of stuffed animals, toys and maybe even clothes.

Maternity gift with name

If you want to give a unique maternity gift, you can opt for a maternity gift with a name. Nowadays you will find many gifts for babies that you can have a name printed on. Birth pillows, books, stuffed animals, bibs, rompers, t-shirts, pacifiers; you can go in all directions with such an original maternity gift.

These are the best personalized maternity gifts:

  • A baby book or comic in which the child takes the lead.
  • A hug with the name and date of birth of the child on it.
  • A birth tile with the very first photo of the newborn or other wall decoration.
  • Wooden toys with the name of the child.
  • A letter train that forms the name of the child.

Baby Gift basket

An old tradition is to give a maternity basket. With this you can give all kinds of nice maternity gifts that the parents can unwrap one by one in the first week of the maternity period. This way, the parents receive a present every day. Fun to make and fun to receive!

Some Tips!

  • Every baby will be entertained for hours with this viewing book. Nice for the first few months.
  • All senses are stimulated by playing with a rattle.
  • Teething rings to suck on. Especially nice for later on with teeth coming through.
  • Every child falls asleep in no time with this cute night light in the shape of a cloud.

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