Importance of Amazon PPC & Tips to Improve Your Conversions & Sales


Importance of Amazon PPC & Tips to Improve Your Conversions & Sales

As the 21st century has improved, it has become evident how reliant on technologies our society has become. We have become entirely determined by modern web-based technologies to the concepts as mundane as instantly getting the weather report between our everyday use of notebooks and tablet computers. One entity that portrays this further is society’s growing usage of e-commerce. Ecommerce has grown significantly in the last couple of years, and it will only continue to grow as time persists. Due to e-commerce growing popularity, it has become a ubiquitous career choice to become an eCommerce seller on major sites like Amazon. 

Importance of Amazon PPC

If you run your own eCommerce Amazon shop, you understand how hard it can be successful. Between the several challenges like inventory management, promotion, and ensuring high product rank, it’s an exceptionally tough job. Even though it is much you can do to better your Amazon store’s earnings, Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is genuinely among the best options to boost your profits.

Before buying Amazon PPC, you need to understand what it is and how to execute it effectively. This is excellent news to the eCommerce store since this will lead to higher profits. Even though Amazon PPC will undoubtedly aid your company, to be effective, you need to employ a detailed plan that will ultimately increase your earnings.

Doing Amazon Sponsored Product ads can be a compelling process to accelerate sales increase on Amazon. Amazon PPC ads allow sellers and vendors to purchase’ visibility for their merchandise listings in Amazon’s search results page.

More product visibility = More sales on Amazon. 

On the other hand, the number of new merchandise and retailers selling on Amazon proceeds to grow. For many vendors, it is becoming harder to run lucrative ads. Especially without a defined PPC plan set up to maximize marketing performance on Amazon.

Here we have shared our top five tips for conducting effective Amazon advertising. These include locating the very best PPC keywords, approaches to reduce your PPC costs, and more.

1. Product Listing Optimization

Before you start using Amazon PPC, it is vital to make sure your product listings are optimized for Amazon SEO. The more click-through rate (CTR) & conversion rate (CR) of your Amazon PPC advertisements will endure without this.

Amazon SEO is a two-step procedure:

Keyword Optimization: You need to include all relevant keywords that should find your product in the item list content. Having a keyword in your listing ensures that your ad is shown for this particular keyword and can generate impressions.

Optimize your listing content: High quality, relevant images and engaging backup will improve your own listings’ CTR and CR.

2. Add Similar Products in the Same Ad group

When you create advertising groups for your Amazon PPC campaign, you will have a set of products and keywords that you want to use to set your ads. Since all the products in that category should show up for the keywords you have selected, using products that don’t relate to the keywords will not lead to conversions.

For example, if you have an ad group based around keyboards’ product category, subsequently using a monitor in that segment would probably not lead to conversion because the user is looking for a keyboard and not a track.

3. Create Good Utilization of Keyword Match Types

Match types are used to ascertain how closely your merchandise advertisements will fit the chosen keywords for a specified ad group.

It you’re looking to learn more about match types, click here.

Broad: The item ad shows if all the words in a search query fit the ad group’s keywords. The order of these words is not essential in this case. Misspellings, spelling variations, and synonyms may match also.

Phrase: The advertisement shows every time a search query uses the keywords or keywords entered in the sequence supplied. This arrangement must be exact. Singular and plural variants of keywords are also considered matches.

Exact: The advertisement could only show when a search query exactly matches the keywords given. Singular and plural variants are considered matches here too.

As well as coincide with types, negative keywords are helpful too. These permit you to put in keywords that you don’t want to activate your product ads. For example, this may be employed to optimize your Amazon PPC campaign and input keyword phrases that have not converted much, if at all.

4. Do Proper Amazon Keyword Research

To maximize your PPC ad visibility, then you need to do comprehensive keyword analysis. You can utilize SellerApp, our free Amazon keyword research tool, to build your PPC keyword listing.

It has a comprehensive Amazon keyword database (52 million keywords), which pulls the search queries used by actual Amazon shoppers. Importantly, SellerApp can display the search volume for all Amazon keywords. So you’re able to prioritize the most relevant keywords for your PPC campaign.

With SellerApp, it is possible to sort keywords by search quantity, allowing you to instantly recognize the brief tail keywords you want to add to your PPC campaign.

5. Run Facebook Ads to Your Products

Facebook Ads are an excellent chance for brands promoting on Amazon to reach a wider audience, improve their performance and create long-lasting connections with clients.

Facebook Advertising can be a significant expansion lever for Amazon companies. But they must be adequately done since they are not affordable. Split testing is crucial for success with Facebook Advertising. Amazon sellers typically observe the best results with lookalike audiences according to their past customers on Amazon. And it’s important to remember that the power of Facebook Ads for Amazon brands lies in the ability to enable retargeting and gather contact info. Don’t merely go for a fast sale, but construct a sales funnel and a more compelling brand.


As you can see, there’s a lot of trial and error here but with some significant effort, you’ll be well on your way to reach the top of Amazon search results and make fabulous sales!

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