What is scrum and how to use it correctly in your workflow?

Coordination between team members is very important for project completion. If team members are not able to communicate properly, you will not be able to complete the project as per expectation. There are many methodologies used to complete projects. One such methodology is scrum.

Scrum can be said to be a framework for teams to work together. Scrum is all about learning from your experience, organize yourself while working on a problem, as well as reflect on your wins and losses to continuously improve. You need to go through scrum master certification to become a scrum expert.

Scrum Framework

Scrum is one of the easiest process frameworks. In software development, there are so many stakeholders involved. Each one of them has a dedicated function. In the project management approach, you have stakeholders like PM, Team Leader, Developers, Designers, Tester, and Clients. However, in the scrum framework, we have only three stakeholders: Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Scrum Development Team.

Scrum Master

Scrum master is one of the most integral parts of the team. In fact, he leads the team. He should be a good listener so that he can understand the requirement of the clients. Moreover, he should be a great communicator because the team works under his control. He has to call meetings as and when required. see more: CSM certification in los angeles

Responsibilities of scrum master:

  • He imparts scrum training to all the team members.
  • He is responsible for the development of the product as early as possible.
  • He is also responsible for creating a good work environment where each team member can use his/her full potential.
  • He keeps in touch with the product owner and understands the needs and requirements of the business.
  • He imparts agile methodology training to the entire team.
  • He is the one who identifies impediments and is responsible to solve them as soon as possible.

A good scrum master should do the following

  • They should facilitate the group to reach a common goal. They are generally known as a facilitator. He does not participate in lecturing the group. He is an unbiased member of the learning process.
  • They should facilitate meetings to discuss the agenda agreed upon.
  • They should arrange for all the resources needed by the team. He/she should also help the team in brainstorming ideas and in problem-solving.

Product Owner

The product owner is tasked with maximizing the return on investment of the product.

Responsibilities of the product owner

  • He creates a vision of the product.
  • Helping all the team members in working together to achieve a common goal.
  • He is responsible to clarify all the queries of the team.

Development Team

A scrum development team consists of 3 to 9 persons. A team of fewer than 3 members is too small while a team of more than 9 members becomes unmanageable. The team is the most integral part of product development. All the members of the team should be able to work cordially so that the common goal is achieved.

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