Best Universities in Australia for PhD

Australia offers students a true international experience in a country full of natural beauty, as well as young, vibrant and friendly people. There are many PhD programs in Australia that offer the highest quality of education and experienced professors that attract people from all over the world to study PhD in Australia.

Most PhD programs in Australia are purely research, which means that candidates will work alongside professional professors in conducting research towards their own dissertation or thesis. The PhD educational environment in Australia promotes innovative, critical and independent thinking in order to solve real world problems.

Here we tell you more about the best Australian universities according to the QS World University Ranking to do a doctorate in research.

1. The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne offers large research projects for high-value, strategically important, collaborative, multidisciplinary, high-risk, or complex funding opportunities. In addition, they work in all sectors and disciplines in collaboration with industry, government and other research institutions.

They also facilitate development pathways for their researchers and collaborators through support through Hallmark Initiatives, which are research development project funds, strategic proposal co-investment, and overall capacity building for large projects and grant developments.

2. Australian National University

Australian National University’s research priorities address the challenges facing Australia and the world.

ANU is a research intensive university and its research priorities reflect the challenges facing the world today. From next-generation solar energy solutions to political engagement strategies, ANU researchers are working at the forefront of their fields and changing the world for the better.

ANU connects ideas, research, government and business to create value for the community. Innovation and entrepreneurship are supported through a range of education, licensing, consulting, consulting, and financing opportunities for startups.

Communicating new knowledge and discoveries is essential to what they do in their projects. ANU experts are at the forefront of their fields, publishing thousands of articles, conference papers, and books every year.

3. The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is considered one of the best research universities. It spans the spectrum, from linguistics to nanoscience.

The extensive experience of its faculties and schools is backed by a deep disciplinary knowledge. They have significant capacity in more than 20 major research areas.

In addition, they are committed to responsible research, one of the objectives being to partner with researchers to allow, develop and promote excellence in research.

All this has state-of-the-art infrastructures for high-impact research, that is, the search for excellence in research requires the latest innovative technology in all disciplines. This is why they are investing in world-class and openly accessible core research facilities.

4. The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland consistently receives the maximum five-star rating for research grants and research intensity in the Good Universities Guide, with the University’s reputation for research excellence.

In 2016, UQ once again led the nation in the prestigious Nature Index, which rates institutions and countries according to the quantity and quality of research publications.

UQ continually builds its global reputation in key areas of national and international importance such as energy, sustainability, water, health, food safety, and social equity through an emphasis on high-quality interdisciplinary global collaboration with public and private organizations.

UQ colleges and institutes combine modern infrastructure with a culture that advocates excellence in research to address important global challenges and keep it at the forefront of critical thinking.

5. UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney is an expert in science, social science, engineering, environmental construction and medicine, in professional fields such as law and business, and in more traditional spaces such as creative and performing arts and humanities.

It also celebrates its interdisciplinary research in areas that include major challenges such as climate change, refugees, and migration and inequality. UNSW is steeped in tradition, yet focused on innovation, offering degrees in both established and emerging fields to reflect the changing nature of research in Australia. In addition to doctorates and research master’s programs, UNSW Sydney also offers professional and industry-based doctorates that focus on the application of research in the world beyond academia.

These 5 institutions are considered the 5 best universities in Australia for PhD. For those who plan to study PhD in Australia, they would be the best choices. For more Australian universities for PhD, you can search via Course Finder.

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