What is the best music for a fire dancer to perform with?


What is the best music for a fire dancer to perform with?

Nothing gets a crowd going quite like the heat, motion, and passion of a fire dancer performing.  There’s something about the danger of the flame, mixed with fluid and enticing movements, that makes it so that people can’t take their eyes off of performers.  Although it’s an expensive act to book, these performers are quickly becoming one of the top requested artists for parties.  People want others to associate that heat and passion with their gathering.

The thing many overlook is that music is also essential.  The tempo controls the dancer’s speed, and the movement of the music can command how they dance.

But how do you pick what music to put on?

The Easy Answer

The most straightforward answer is that you should ask your performer!  Some fire dancers want to bring their music so that they can dance to preplanned choreography.  If that’s the case, you can ask for the piece ahead of time, so you have it set up to play, or show them how to connect to your speakers when it’s time.  This option is the simplest, and you have to think about what music to play when they aren’t performing!

What Is the Age of Your Crowd?

Music tastes vary by age!  Consider what type of music your party demographic will be and ask the fire dancer to dance to that.  If you’re not sure what everyone likes, you can create a poll on Twitter, Google Forms, or dozens of other websites and link your guests to it so they can vote!

Does The Party Have a Theme?

Although not every party has to have a theme, this celebration style is coming back into fashion.  If your party has some theme, it is easier to pick which type of music you’ll play for the dancers.  If your theme is vague, like a costume party, or just a general drinks type of party, take the time to consider the other two questions offered.

If you have a theme, feel free to lean into it!  There are tons of playlists based on the idea for a pirate party, the same for mermaid, Halloween, and holiday parties.  A theme-based on an era like the 80s or 90s party is even more comfortable since each decade has a very defined set of songs that everyone thinks of when they consider it.  

What’s Your Budget Looking Like?

If your budget is tight, and you don’t have any room for spending, you can stick with Bluetooth speakers and a Spotify playlist- but if there’s more room, there are more creative options.  Hiring a band to play for your performer and audience could be a great way to bring more life to your celebration.

A live band can play your selected music or riff on whatever they want to play within your set request.  This planning means you can think less about music and have a couple of incredible performances at your party at once.  Your party will be a celebration nobody will forget!

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