Style Guide: Things To Remember When You Have A Rolex Watch

Rolex is one of the greatest brands of watches of all time. Most watch enthusiasts love them. Hans Wilsdorf discovered Rolex in the year 1905, and since that day, they introduced a broad collection of professional sports timepieces. Some of their most famous ones are Rolex Sea-Dweller, Rolex Submariner and Rolex Daytona, and more. 

The company itself is ranked as one of the largest luxury brands of watches worldwide. The brand has been in the watch industry for 120 years and has produced many luxury watches for men and women.

Should I Wear My Rolex every day?

This question is asked more often by many Rolex watch lovers around the globe.  Some have various Rolex watch collections but are afraid to wear them every day because they thought they might get scratched, damaged, or malfunctioned by wearing the watch every day. 

Some people might not know this, but one of the great things in life is having a Rolex watch and flaunting them by wearing them every day. Also, for you to take great care of your wristwatch, is to wear them daily. Rolex is known for its vigor and durability, but by wearing them every day, they might get some scratches, but it’s ok because it shows a well-lived life.

Rolex watches are made to run automatic movements whenever you wear them, and it is the only way to give your wristwatch its life. They continue to run by wearing them. However, if you want to store them for a while, you must know how to keep them properly to maintain their quality. 

Always Store Your Rolex Watch With Precaution 

There are times that we want to wear a different pair of watches instead of wearing our Rolex, especially to those people who love to collect watches as their hobby. You must always store them right to avoid unnecessary damages or scratches. You’re lucky to receive a Rolex watch with its box because it is one of the most incredible places you can store your wristwatch.

However, suppose it did not come with its box. In that case, you can purchase a storage box for watches where you can store different watches in one box, that would be great too, but you must make sure that they are correctly placed and not piled on top of each other because it might result in unwanted scratches.

Also, always keep your Rolex away from direct sunlight and moisture. You should place it in a dark place with a cool temperature where your watch would be relaxed while not being used. You must keep your timepiece away from any electronic device to avoid any exposures to the magnetic fields. 

If you have extra money, try investing in a watch winder to give life to your Rolex even if you are not wearing them. Take care of your watch as you take care of your investment because a quality watch could stay next to you for a lifetime.

It Is Important To Clean Your Rolex Watch

Some people usually neglect to clean their watches because of their tight schedules at work, or some are just too lazy to clean them in their free time. If you love wearing your Rolex watch, after a while, you will notice that they might get a little duller than when you first wear it. Do not panic, and your watch is totally fine.

They might get duller sometimes because of the dirt, tiny scratches, and body oils they might accumulate on your timepiece’s surface. You don’t have to clean your watch every day after you wear it.

 All you need is to give your watch a cleaning time every couple of months or once a month to keep it looking brand new. But if you love wearing your watch daily, we suggest having them brushed weekly. All you need to have is warm water, mild soap; wipe them on its metal surface to clean your Rolex.

 If you want to reach the deep areas of your watch, such as between the bracelet wings and around its lugs, you can use a small brush. When done, dry your watch using a soft cloth, and your timepiece is as good as new.


Rolex watches are known to everyone because of the fine quality they used to make a perfect timepiece. All of their watches are built to be durable that could last for a lifetime. By this particular aspect, investing some of your savings in buying a Rolex watch is an excellent thing, especially if you are looking for a lifelong partner type of wristwatch.

Learning to take good care of your watch is essential to keep them safe and protected from unwanted damages and other possible threats. The ones mentioned above are some of the best things to keep your watch as good as new.

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