Of course, every season has its charm. Buying a house can influence this process in some areas, positively and negatively. Think of the flowers in the summer, or the Christmas lights in the month of December. Below we have listed a number of advantages and disadvantages that you can pay attention to when buying a house in the summer and winter period.

Advantages and disadvantages of summer 

Summer is a period when the flowers are in bloom and the trees are beautiful green. This gives buyers a good feeling when viewing a home and can therefore work to your advantage. Put a colored flower in the house which also spreads a wonderful scent and you will benefit from it.

It is not unimportant to know how the house has been maintained. In sunny weather you can clearly see how the garden looks like. Have plants been pruned or is the grass knee-deep? Nice to know if you have a garden of 10 meters long. It is also visible how roof tiles are placed without being buried under snow.

Not only is the maintenance of your future home important, but also that of the neighbors. If the grass is up to the knees there, this of course does not give a nice picture of your possible future neighbors. Find out if the neighbors are involved in the neighborhood.

What makes buyers happy? Wonderful, pleasant weather. In contrast to winter, you can paint, dig the garden or perform other tasks at warm temperatures. Suddenly buying a house is not so bad.

If you have a family with children, this is a period in which you can move more easily because of the school holidays. Children can help pack! It gives flexibility and you therefore involve the children well in the relocation process.

The summer is a period when many people are on holiday and therefore do not think about or want to be busy selling their house.

It is very typical that the more luxurious, exclusive homes sell less well in the summer. Certain types of homes do less well in busy seasons or periods.

Advantages and disadvantages of winter

When autumn arrives, this gives buyers an advantage: the houses are cheaper in the fall and winter. This is evident from figures from the Land Registry. That does not mean that it is smart to wait with a purchase when you see a nice house in the summer! These will of course have been sold for a long time. Firstly, houses are currently selling like hot cakes over the counter, and the housing supply is also lower in the winter period.

The sense of looking for a new home in winter through wind and rain is of course less. That is why it applies to winter: less competition.

You can, however, clearly notice whether the heating is effective and whether the insulation is doing its job well everywhere. Condensation on the windows is of course not a good sign.

In the winter, certain types of homes sell better, such as the more luxurious, exclusive homes. Certain types of homes do better in the winter because people are busy planning holidays in the summer. Grandchildren are also free during that period and people still want to spend time with the family or relatives.

As in summer, the holiday period also applies to winter. In many cases, the Christmas season is the opportunity for many families to go on vacation. During this period, selling the house is shifted to the New Year.

During this period there is of course regular snow. In the event, you cannot see whether 2 roof tiles need to be replaced and how well the garden is maintained. In that case you can find out later that the backyard (10 meters long) is a sandy plain.

Conclusion for both seasons

The involvement of the neighbors can be an important issue for many people. During the summer months you may be able to estimate this better because gardens are maintained, or not. It is always nice when the neighbors also contribute to a good home presentation.

The availability of your broker also applies to both seasons. Ask about the availability of the real estate agency during these two seasons. A nationwide real estate agency will always be more available than a small real estate agency. So you can always contact Linda Peltz Realtor – eXp Realty for your quality new home. 

Which season is better for you?

Ultimately, there is no better or worse season to buy. Both seasons have advantages and disadvantages. Fortunately, we all have our personal preferences and you notice that the sale of houses continues to run throughout the year. That benefits us all!

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