Why is Cloud SSD Hosting the Best Option for Your Site?


Why is Cloud SSD Hosting the Best Option for Your Site?

With the rapid increase in digitization, people have become obsessed with the features and advantages of using SSD. For those unfamiliar with this data storage technology, here’s a quick note. SSD or Solid-State Drive uses the latest technology of flash memory to store data on its non-moving drive. SSD offers faster read/write of data than other data storage facilities without getting heated up and having less energy consumption.

Many companies have started the use of SSD-based web hosting for their businesses. The speed and performance of the business website get significantly improved and enhanced. Hosting your website with SSD enables unlimited resources on your website’s server that eliminates the risk of overloading. It helps in the smooth functioning of your website without any technical issues.

Understanding about Cloud SSD Hosting

Cloud SSD hosting is one of the best introductions of technological advancement in web hosting expertise. It enables or prioritizes numerous virtual servers on top of the physical servers of a client’s website. It ensures 100% uptime deployment of the virtual servers to ensure 0% loss of data from the client’s database, making it the best choice for data storage by businesses. The technology is combined with the best uses of SSD drives and has assured an evolution in the technology and services of shared hosting.

Your business needs this technology when you want to make a resource available on the global web. These resources can be your brand image, promotional video, a new web page for your website, etc. In simple terms, to develop a new website for your business or customize the existing website, then you will need cloud hosting services to make resources available on your website for access.

Here a few short and simple reasons why cloud SSD is the best hosting option for your website:

  • cPanel Enabled Features: This feature enables the website with account restoration from backup, unlimited FTP accounts with excellent connection management, file manager, directory privacy, and SQL-based databases.With multiple PHP versions and remote SQL services, this feature enhances the cloud hosting experience.
  • Top Security Features: Using a cloud SSD hosting technology ensures top security features for your website. It enhances the network firewall, web application firewall, and advanced firewall. Also, it assures other top security features such as proactive defence, hardened PHP, brute-force protection, malware protection, etc. You can utilize the security features and make a safe website for your business.
  • Technical Support Features: This hosting technology enables 24/7 technical support for 365 days of the year. The service providers offer phone or chatbot service to communicate instantly for any queries or complaints. The technical support features include hacked website restoration, free SSL installation, website consultation, etc.

Ending Note

Get in touch with the best professional service providers such as Host Armada for SSD-based web hosting technology for your business website. Upgrade your website with this technology and enjoy the high-speed performance and 0% data loss for your website operations.

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