7 Ways to Add More Adventure to Your Life

There’s something to be said for going on adventures. Not only are they a great way to experience something new, but they help you disconnect from technology and experience something real. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune or travel somewhere exotic to experience adventure.

Adding more adventure to your life can be as inexpensive as hiking with your friends or as simple as trying a new ethnic restaurant. This article lists seven ways you can lead a more adventurous life without breaking the bank.

1. Mix Up Your Routine

Without trying, most of us fall into a routine. We go to the same places every day, eat the same type of food throughout the week, and make the same daily commute. And while there’s nothing wrong with having a routine, if you want more adventure in your life, consider mixing up your day-to-day.

Even something as small as taking a different route to work can show you something new. For example, you might come across a new coffee shop or discover a new yoga studio you want to try. Chances are, you’ll see new people and maybe even have conversations with strangers. Making changes to your daily routine, no matter how small, will help you feel more adventurous.

2. Meet New People

For many, meeting new people can be an exciting way to shake things up in life. For some, it can also be intimidating. When we have a routine in our lives, it might seem hard to become acquainted with different people.

One way to make new contacts is to join a professional organization within your community or online. This not only lets you network for your job, but also puts you in touch with different people who could become friends. Enlarging your circle can recharge you both professionally and personally.

3. Try a New Activity

What’s an activity you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t? Maybe you’ve been meaning to do more hiking or spend time on the water. Many of us have begun to rediscover the beauty of being outdoors.

One activity you might consider is stand-up paddleboarding. Choosing the right SUP board might feel daunting, so do some research to investigate all your options. Do you want a hard board or an inflatable one? You might want to use your board for touring, racing, or even yoga. Once you’ve found the right board for you, all you need is a body of water, an oar, and some time.

4. Look for Inspiration

You want to do something adventurous, but you don’t know where to start. Sound familiar? The good news is, there are lots of ways to find inspiration. Listen closely to your friends and family when they talk about what they enjoy. You might glean inspiration from them.

You can also browse online sites like Pinterest or Instagram to discover new hobbies and activities. Reading travel and fitness blogs is another great way to see where others find adventure.

One benefit of the digital age is how easy it is to find inspiration online by posing a question to your search engine of choice. Simply search a topic or idea (e.g., “add adventure to your life”), and you’ll instantly see ideas worth trying.

5. Say “Yes” More

Shonda Rhimes, the creator of “Grey’s Anatomy,” wrote a book entitled “Year of Yes,” which details the year she spent agreeing to everything. In the book, she reveals how saying yes to things that scared her or made her nervous brought new opportunities.

If you’re trying to add more adventure into your life, consider saying yes more often. You’ll be surprised by how agreeing to one thing can lead you on an adventure.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should throw your values to the wind or put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. But if your fears tend to hold you back in life, saying yes will keep you from being controlled by your timidity.

6. Create an Adventure List

If you’re a lover of lists, you might want to consider creating one to help you lead a more adventurous life. And even if lists aren’t your go-to, give them a try. According to studies, people perform better when they create a to-do list. So if living more adventurously is your goal, why not start an adventure list?

When you think of something fun, write it down so you don’t forget. Consider putting your ideas in order from what’s easiest to accomplish to what’s more challenging. For instance, you might want to travel the world for a year, but that may not be reasonable now. However, taking an out-of-state jaunt is probably something you can accomplish over a long weekend.

7. Make Time for Adventure

One of the reasons people don’t live a more adventurous life is because they don’t make the time for it. As with anything with life, you have to work to make it happen. You can’t just say, “Wow, it would be cool to travel to Greece.” If that’s something you want to do, you actually have to create a plan to go.

So start saving money, research your destination, and identify flights and lodging you can afford. Once you’ve scheduled the PTO and booked your accommodations, you can enjoy your trip.

An adventurous life is worth it. So decide to do something new, pencil it into your calendar, and make it happen. Take some time to say yes to new opportunities, paving the way for your next big (or small) adventure.

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