13 Best QuickBooks Alternatives for Enhanced Invoicing Operations

The invoicing history in businesses dates back to thirty years ago when invoices were sent using Electronic Data Interchange. The world has come a long way since then, and invoicing has become a necessity for businesses. No matter your business’s nature and size, you will need accounting software to manage it efficiently. We will tell you about the 13 best picks for the present time.

Of the invoicing software programs, QuickBooks has gone on to become one of the most popular invoicing software around the world. However, it has cons, e.g. poor customer service and high subscription costs, which may make customers pick another tool. 

Based on this requirement of invoicing businesses, we have researched thoroughly and compiled a list of QuickBooks alternatives. Please go through this article to find out your best suit.

13 QuickBooks alternatives to Consider

  • Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice has proven to be a very reliable brand in the last few years, and hence it has made it to the top of this list. It is a complete invoicing package that will make your Online Accounting Software very efficient and manageable. 

In addition to invoicing basics, it lets the businesses automate the recurring invoices and analyze their performance through graphs and charts. Its ease of use and its flexible plans make it convenient for all industries. Moon invoice subscription begins at $9.99/month, and it costs even less with an annual subscription. 

To test the software, the company also offers a 7-day free trial for the clients. It is your all-around best invoicing software with value for money features. 

  • FreshBooks

FreshBooks is another excellent alternative for e-commerce and invoicing. The ideal part about FreshBooks is that it integrates with numerous e-commerce platforms. However, it has limitations to the number of users and the number of clients you can add.

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The billing of FreshBooks starts at $15/month, and it allows for custom pricing if the clients exceed 500. The premium plan, which stands at $50/month, allows for 500 clients and one user excess. The number of users, however, can be increased by paying $10 additionally for one user.

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  • Kashoo

Kashoo is very simple to use accounting software that can make your accounting more comfortable and effortless. It is a very efficient software for small businesses with less than 500 transactions and removes redundant manual work for the companies. If you connect your bank account and cards to the software, it automates all the processes and inputs. 

The plans of Kashoo allow an unlimited number of users to be connected to the account. The pricing of Kashoo starts at $16.65/ month for annual plans, which becomes $19.95/ month if you wish to choose monthly payments. It offers 14 days of free service on the purchase of a yearly subscription. 

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  • Xero

Xero is another widely-used popular software for easy invoicing. Xero is fast and powerful software that can take care of all your requirements. You can easily sync it with your bank and also customize it to suit your needs. It allows you to automate invoicing and reporting while also allowing you to collaborate with your advisor. The employees can submit expense reports and send invoices using the application. 

The subscription plans for Xero begin at $20/ month. It offers a 30 days free trial, which is enough time for new users to judge the software.

  • Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an online software tool that proves excellent when you have to work collectively with departments. It offers a customizable end-to-end CRM platform for expanding businesses. It provides 40 + integrated applications to its subscribers for running their business smoothly. These applications take care of all the mundane accounting tasks allowing you to focus on the industry. 

The best part about Zoho is that it also provides a free plan with some limitations. The companies can use the free version to get a hand on the platform and make the decision.

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage is another simplistic tool to manage your invoicing requirements. It has a straightforward and appealing user interface. In addition to the basic features, sage provides some unique features for its users. It gives a quick big picture to the user and the option to dive into cash flow and profits or losses. 

You can quickly get the essential reports and details with just a few clicks. 

The pricing of Sage business cloud accounting starts at 12 Euros/ month, with a high 70% discount for the first four months. Users can go for a 30-day trial before paying for the plans. 

  • Hello Bonsai

HelloBonsai has proven to be the best invoicing program for freelancers around the world. Although it is designed specifically for freelancers, its features are excellent. The users can choose from numerous plain templates and customize the platform based on their needs. 

It is a perfect tool for freelancers to monitor their work and use time effectively. They offer a free plan with limitations, and the pricing for paid plans starts at $ 19/ month. However, if you choose to buy an annual subscription, you get two months of free use and an additional reduced price.

  • Spendwise

Spendwise is a great web-based application that manages and records your business transactions. You can make purchases, manage bills, receive purchase orders, create budgets, and do much more with Spendwise. It allows users to analyze their expenditures with powerful reports, which help in making decisions. 

It can be accessed from any device as it is a web-based platform. The pricing for the basic plan starts at $ 9/month per user. They offer two months off on an annual subscription, also offering customizable programs for large requirements. 

  • Free Agent

FreeAgent is cloud-based invoicing software, and it was rated UK’s number one accounting software for the year 2018. It allows for the automation of recurring transactions to save users from a lot of hassle. It allows users to manage everything from one place, which is also an efficient method to track everything. Besides, you can create beautiful looking templates with estimates in no time with Freeagent. The best part about Freeagent is that it provides unlimited access to everything for one basic plan. The plan stands at $10/ month for the first six months and $20/month post six month period. Freeagent also offers a 30-day free trial to new users.

  • Wave accounting

Wave is a great invoicing platform that provides some essential features free of cost. Users can set automatic payments and recurring billings using Wave. Wave automates everything and keeps it in one place for simplicity. The customer support of wave accounting is quite responsive, and it is an excellent choice for all sorts of small businesses.

What makes it a better option is that it is entirely free. There are no setup fees or hidden fees required. 

  • Quicken

Quicken is an effective solution for managing various kinds of finances. You can create custom budgets to plan your expenditures. It also allows its users to view all accounts and cards in one place, making it easier for them to track everything. You can also use Quicken to check market comparisons and to monitor your performance. 

Quicken’s starter plan is priced at $ 35.99/ year, with a one month no-risk free trial for new users.

  • Buildium

Explicitly designed for property management companies, Buildium is a very reliable invoicing software solution. It has a lot of features that make your property management effortless. Users can use it to lease applications, resolve issues, and manage finances from anywhere. 

The only con to Buildium is its hefty price. The starter plan is priced at $ 50/ month owing to its rich features. The users can, however, sign up for a 14-day free trial.

  • EasyFarm

It is one of the best alternatives to QuickBooks for the farms. It lags behind most other programs in this list in terms of services. One big con includes the non-availability of direct customer service. However, it works great for the requirements of the farmers. 

It has features for the management of crops and livestock. It also cannot be used to perform transactions like most other programs on this list. The purchase is a one-time payment, and the bare lite purchase is priced at $509. 


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The Final Word

We hope that the above list serves its purpose of guiding the readers on some easy to use alternatives to QuickBooks. All enterprises and businesses have different needs, and we have tried to keep a variety on this list. 

We found Moon Invoice to be the best alternative owing to its scope, ease, and pricing. There are also a few more business-specific tools on this list, which could be great for some companies. You must use the trials before finalizing a software solution to check if it suits your requirements. We wish you good luck and a great time in growing your business!

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