2021 Plugs And Wires Buying Guide

Quality parts and components ensure your vehicle functions efficiently. For instance, things like spark plugs and wires play an integral role in the process that supplies power to your vehicle.

When spark plugs go bad, engine failure is not far behind. The sooner you replace this essential component, the more you can rest assured that your vehicle will provide the absolute best performance imaginable.

What Is A Spark Plug?

Spark plugs are a key component of the internal combustion engine. The gasoline used to fuel your vehicle mixes with air in the engine, which is then compressed by the upward movement of the pistons. At this point, a spark is needed to ignite the fuel/air mixture and provide power to the vehicle.

That’s where spark plugs come in. Once the spark is provided, the small explosion it creates pushes the piston back down, which turns the engine crankshaft and propels your vehicle forward.

What Are Some Common Spark Plug Problems?

Because of the volatile nature of spark plugs, they can experience lots of issues over the years. They can sometimes become coated in fuel or other substances, which prevents them from creating the necessary spark. Because of their effect on fuel-efficiency, a bad spark plug can also increase re-fueling costs.

A misfiring engine can also result from faulty spark plugs. Misfires result from incomplete combustion and can be identified by a vehicle that hesitates or lags when accelerating. Bad spark plug wires are another potential cause of issues. Keep in mind that a bad spark plug can also trigger the check engine light, which illustrates the importance of making an appointment with a mechanic if yours comes on.

Best Spark Plugs & Wires

Now that you understand the important role spark plugs play in combustion, the next step is to find a reliable replacement when issues arise. Shop with trusted auto parts suppliers to ensure a good selection. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions about brands and other factors. A skilled representative will be happy to provide information to help you make your decision.

When in search of new parts for your vehicle, you can use vin lookup to ensure you find the right part for your make and model. That way, you can rest assured that you’re using a replacement part that is exactly suited to your vehicle.

Spark plugs can be made from several materials. Copper spark plugs were standard in vehicles manufactured prior to the 1980s, while newer vehicles often have platinum spark plugs. Because platinum is capable of reaching higher temperatures than copper, it’s less likely to experience carbon build-up, which is known as fouling.

When it comes to spark plug wires, look for qualities like corrosion resistance, good conductivity, and water-tight seal. These features stave off wear and allow you to get more out the replacement.

While all car owners want to save money on repairs and maintenance, never skimp when it comes to parts. Investing in quality items to maintain your vehicle will result in less expense over time. It will also prevent other issues from occurring, including those that ruin your engine for good.

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