4 Great Meat Alternatives for Vegans


People switch to plant-based meals for different reasons. While some individuals make the switch on health grounds, others do it to conserve the environment. Regardless, giving up on meat can be challenging.

However, the good news is that you do not have to give up on the savory palate meat offers. There are now several substitutes that you could go for, from soy free meat alternatives to the different vegan minced meats you can get at https://eat-me-at.com/en/product/mince-eat-me, there are now a plethora of options.

However, the wide variety of alternatives can also make it challenging when trying to make a choice. This article will discuss some of the best meat alternatives you can merge into your diet.

4 Amazing Meat Substitute For Vegans

Choosing a suitable vegan meal depends on the function it serves in your diet. For instance, a vegan trying to incorporate protein into their diet should go for meals like tofu and tempeh rather than jackfruit. Here are some of the meat alternatives you should consider today:

  • Seitan

Seitan is a plant-based substitute meal made from wheat gluten. Gluten offers the synchronization of proteins found in wheat products like barley and rye. It is also known for its dense texture, which makes it a perfect substitute for duck meat.

You can include seitan in many meals such as salads, burritos, and Tikka masala. However, due to its wheat protein characteristics, vegans allergic to gluten shouldn’t eat seitan. They could instead go for options such as veggie hamburger meat Eat me at, or other suitable options.

  • Tempeh

Tempeh is made from fermented soybean and is a loved substitute in the vegan world. It is a traditional Indonesian plant-based proteinous meal that has a cake-like texture. Tempeh is an excellent addition to bacon meals, salads, burgers, and sandwiches. You can also add them to recipes such as teriyaki, vegan baked potato skin, and tempeh stir-fry, among many others.

This meat substitute is exceptionally high in calcium, complete protein, antioxidants, which prevent damage to your cells, and a high manganese level that regulates your blood sugar and keeps you safe. The upside is that you can quickly scrounge up these recipes at home.

  • Jackfruit

Jackfruit is known for its sweet and rich flavor that imitates the relish of pork. The fruit is known for its many benefits, including fiber, magnesium, low-carb nature, and antioxidants. To achieve smooth and savory recipes using jackfruit, you need to sizzle it in the proper sauce.

Its rich fiber content makes it a top recipe for weight loss diets and reducing your cholesterol levels. However, while it boasts fiber and magnesium, jackfruit is not high in protein. We advise that you pair it with a plant-based meal high in protein.

  • Tofu

Tofu is a spongy cake made from soybean. Due to its sharp flavor imitation, tofu can be used in many recipes, soaking up and complementing the taste of each dish.

Besides its accommodating features, tofu contains complete protein, vitamin B12, and minerals like calcium and iron. But recent research has shown that over-eating tofu can lead to certain medical conditions. Pair tofu with other dishes, and ensure it doesn’t dominate your diet for the best results.

Final Notes

While these are some of the top meat alternatives, there are several others that you can explore. The list is endless, from lentils, black beans, and plant-based sausages to pea protein. They can satisfy your cravings for meat better than you imagine.

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