4 Tips on How to Choose Your First Car in College

Joining college comes with a plethora of challenges to students. For starters, some have to relocate to a new city. In cases when dorms or apartments are far from the school, students have to commute, which is cumbersome.

Therefore, buying a car is your best shot. Public transport is never an ideal option considering that you might have a tight schedule and risk coming late every day. With a car, you can be wherever you want anytime without worrying about how you will get back to your apartment.

A car opens new opportunities. You can start offering delivery services at a fee or turn your car into a taxi and operate it during your free hours. You simply have to entrust your assignments to a reputable essay writer and indulge in money-making activities when you can.

The main issue, however, is selecting the right car. Below are some tips on how to choose your first car in college.

Work on Your Finances

Perhaps, you depend on the little pocket money you get from your parents. It could also be that you have a part-time job, just enough to cover your bills at school. So, how do you put your finances in order?

Make Savings

The more funds you have in your account when planning to buy a vehicle, the better, as AutoFun Indonesia suggested. Based on the car’s price, you should be able to pay for it and have extra finances for the fueling and maintenance. Also, if you wish to get a loan, you should be ready for a reasonable down payment.

You can easily save by staying away from the funds that you receive as an inheritance. Moreover, frequent partying will only lower your chances of saving. Avoid eating out and making spontaneous purchases as well. 

Above all, get a job that can cover extra spending. Combining it with academic responsibilities should not be an issue with essay writers on EssayPro who will handle your assignments as you focus on work. Thus, take advantage of the freedom to schedule your time and concentrate on priority activities. 

Work on Your Credit Score

A good credit score is crucial when planning your finances. A high score shows that you have had a good financial responsibility track record. With such, you are likely to get a loan faster or enjoy financing services from the car dealer.

Have a Budget

Establish how much you wish to spend on the car. When setting a budget, ensure that you are not spending more than you can afford. There are numerous choices of affordable cars on the market.

Determine the Best Car for You

The ideal vehicle depends on your budget and your preferred size. With so many options on the market, you should take your time. Do not buy a car simply because your friend has the exact type. While it is okay to daydream of the fanciest car, it is also okay to know when it is not the right time to get it.

Students have tight budgets and often encounter extra expenses, like paying for paper writing service or additional training on the difficult subject. Thus, provided a car is good enough to meet your daily needs, it does not have to be the best on the market. 

For instance, if you wish to start a hauling business where you will be dealing with heavy stuff, you should consider a truck. On the other hand, if you are looking for basic transportation to and from school, work and fun times, a GLB 200 mercedez benz is right for you.

Moreover, you should choose a fuel-efficient vehicle. It would be a shame if you bought a car to use it a few times a week due to lack of fuel. You also don’t want the one that will exceed your budget, especially now that you are working with a funds limit.

Consider a Used Car

If you feel that you have the capacity, buying a new car has its perks. New vehicles give you value for money. They will serve you longer and require minimal maintenance.

Nonetheless, for most college students, a used but well-maintained car fits in their budget. Cars depreciate fast. Therefore, you can purchase a two-year-old vehicle with low mileage for a small fraction of its market price when new.

It would be best if you never shied away from used cars. If it is sold in good condition, the vehicle will be as reliable as a new one.


Now that you have an idea of the kind of vehicle you wish to buy, you can get down to the nitty-gritty.

Do not rush to purchase the first affordable car that comes your way. Dedicate enough time to research, keeping in mind that cars are a significant investment, and a minor mistake could cost you a lot.


Purchasing a car as a student is a great move. You must be super excited about it, but without a good plan, you may end up in a big mess. The tips above should make the process manageable and worthwhile.