5 Reasons Why Women Should Wear Shorts & How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Shorts

Modern fashion prioritises comfort over style, and it has nothing to do with girls being subjected to the same old sense of clothing. It’s time to embrace body positivity and live life how one wants. In that case, shorts can be a real deal. You can choose from Bermudas, hot pants and biker shorts for women. It’s all easy, breezy and comfy to wear. Given the bonus, you can comfortably sit in any position, and your legs can do all the required breathing.

Also, shorts help with a cute look, making your figure stand out. Irrespective of your height, shorts look great on all occasions. Considering the weather outside, you can easily team it up with sandals or high-rise boots. Keeping it simple, casual sneakers will also do. Coming to the top, you can wear a shirt or opt for crop tops or casual t-shirts as relevant. Though some might tell you that shorts are not for women, just narrate some points mentioned below, and you are good to go.

5 Reasons Why Shorts For Women Are The Perfect Match

Dressing up is a personal choice, and one must prioritise comfort over impression and public opinion. Though in popular opinion, shorts for women are termed revealing, and various dos and don’ts are applied too. Given that the one wearing chooses the right fit, it’s all seamless. Moving on here, you have 5 reasons why shorts are a perfect match.

1.    Are In Trend

Shorts for women come in all colours, patterns and stripes. You can go loose or opt for one with tight fittings. The choice is endless and in trend. Shades, like neon and florals, hit differently if it’s a beach look you are trying to create. Team it up with a crop top in a pastel shade, and you are ready to rock the vibe.

2.    Shorts Are Comfortable And Stylish

While shorts for women are indeed in trend because of the style statement, coming to the comfort level, it’s a 10. Your legs are free to breathe. There is no fabric binding them unnecessarily. Also, most shorts come with pockets to carry a lot of stuff, including money. Voila! Your hands are free.

3.    They Save You From Embarrassment

You will find many linking skirts with femininity and highlighting shorts as a boy thing. However, to tell the truth, shorts make it far better than skirts when the focus is on saving women from wardrobe malfunctions and other unnecessary embarrassments. Unlike skirts, shorts stay in place and do not subject you to a particular sitting position.

4.    It’s Both Cute & Hot!

the best fashion Coming to the look one gets to create out of a short, it’s both cute and hot. The vibe can change given the length, wear material, and colour of the shorts you choose. Opt for denim made if you are heading out casually. For indoors, cotton materials are perfect, and if it’s a formal occasion, co-ord sets, and leather builds make for an organised look.

5.    Fits In Your Vacation Luggage Easily

When packing for a vacation, shorts fit in perfectly, leaving a lot of space for other essentials that one needs. Also, you can take as many as you want and create individual looks for social media, making your followers go all ‘aww’ with your style sense.

How To Pick The Perfect Pair of Shorts?

When considering shorts for women, there is no detailed guide. A sense of the right style will land you in the perfect place. But still, given the variety of choices, some find it too risky of an affair to include this in their everyday look, and for them, the list below will be of adequate help.

Know Your Body And The Perfect Size

All women are unique, and given the size being the same, the shape does vary from one to another. As a result, there are various shorts for women, based on the different body shapes. The table below offers a unique solution to your differential shorts need.

Body Shape Shorts You Must Choose
A Shape (Triangle) Black High rise shorts look the best, flattering the waistline and making the body look slimmer.
V Shape (inverted triangle) Opt for wide-leg or A-line shorts in light shades/horizontal patterns. The focus is to make your short hips look asymmetrical with wide shoulders.
O Shape Bermuda shorts (Mid-rise) work the best. Also, you can go for denim shorts with exposed pockets. Avoid long shorts.
H Shape Choose patterned or graphic-printed shorts having wide legs. Also, colourful pleated shorts add a lot of volume to your figure.
X Shape High or mid-waisted shorts in black are appropriate for your body type. You can also go for shorts in leather and denim fits.

Look For A Comfortable Style

Opt for various fabrics while choosing shorts for women. Here, prioritise the ones you are comfortable wearing. Even if you are trying to recreate the look of an influencer, try to understand her body type, wearing occasion and social environment. Then finalise your look.

Consider The Length Of Your Legs

Just like independent body shape, the length of legs in women also varies from one person to another. And for each leg type, there are different shorts for women. If you have:

  • Balanced legs: Sorts reaching the narrowest point of your thigh or mid-thigh will be perfectly fine.
  • Short legs: Opt for short-length shorts.
  • Long legs: You can select longer shorts or one which reaches mid-thigh.

Opt For Trendy Patterns With Perfect Cuts

Patterns and cuts make for a deciding factor in shorts for women. Opting for the right style and fit can change your entire look. For example, even if a wide-legged short fits perfectly for your body type, the fringes at the end might cause some trouble. Also, some styles fit perfectly with certain materials rather than with others.


Shorts for women are more than a regular style statement. It is something that boosts confidence and makes one look the right type. Also, during Summer, shorts make for the perfect pair of accessible breezy attire, which lets you beat the heat.