5 Weight Loss Diets to Try


5 Weight Loss Diets to Try

It is summertime, and you need to have your bikini-bod game strong. And maybe, through the hot summers, you have indulged in one far too many chilled glasses of sugary lemonade and the refreshing cold drinks. And now the weighing scale reads a horrifyingly large number, and you are flummoxed as to how to bring the figure back.

Weight loss: The Ugly Truth

No matter how you gained all those pounds, and why you want to lose them –although you should shed off the excess for your health –weight loss is not just about how much you weigh on a scale. It’s your BMI (body mass index) that matters, which considers your height and such variants to ascertain if your weight is normal.

While a quick solution to your weight problems might be tempting, as nothing beats the instant gratification offered by the fad diets, that is perhaps the worst approach you take. Unless you make concrete lifestyle changes and address the underlying health issues to begin with, you are just solving the problem for the time being. The basic issue will persist.

Therefore, if you are serious about your health and losing weight, it is best that you confer with a good Dietitian in Lahore so that you are able to somewhat permanently lose the weight, and that too, without jeopardizing your health.

Diets to try

There are some non-fad diets that call for some serious commitment that you can take up to lose weight. These diets are not just good for shedding the extra pounds, but they also add value to your try this diet coffee drinks, thereby ensuring health alongside the weight loss.

Mediterranean Diet

Ever wonder how the people hailing from the Mediterranean region are so healthy and youthful? That is because they eat the correct things.

In Mediterranean diet, people are to leave the processed, fried, greasy foods. Meat is also becoming a rarity. Sugar and trans fats are not a part of the diet. These are replaced with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed, legumes, olive oil, fish, seafood, grains etc., basically, everything natural.

When the calorie-rich foods are replaced with healthier options, it helps in losing weight. Mediterranean diet is excellent for the heart as well, helps the body get rid of oxidative stress, and also lowers inflammation in the body.

Therefore, Mediterranean diet is excellent for health and holistic in its impact.

Vegetarian Diet

Whereas it might be slightly difficult to implement since it involves a great change in perspective. It may also be considered a fad diet, but going vegetarian is another way to lose weight.

It involves giving up meat, and thus, when portion control is employed, vegetables and fruits have less calories as opposed to their meaty counterparts. These fruits and vegetables also add roughage to the diet. They also have more micronutrients and antioxidants that help with health as well.

And of course, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, becoming a vegetarian is one way.

Intermittent Fasting

Another diet that is en vogue is intermittent fasting. The main principle of this diet is having fixed periods of fasting, and specific time for eating.

There is versatility in the diet as well, as there are many types of IF. 16/8 is one in which people eat for 8 hours, and fast for the rest of the 16 hours. In 5:2, people restrict their total calorie intake for two days between 500-600 calories.

According to research, intermittent fasting helps to lose 3-8% more weight, as opposed to other diets. Moreover, there are many health benefits to this diet as well; it helps in improving insulin sensitivity, brain functionality, and also lowers inflammation etc.

It also is safer for most of the individuals as well, however, it’s not recommended for people with low BSL.


Previously known as Weight Watchers and now rebranded as WW, this diet is based out of an application. It has a system whereby each food item is given some points, based on their caloric value, and you have to stay within your daily limit. You can thus choose from whatever you like, as long as its within range.

Research has shown that not only is WW effective, but it also helps in losing weight permanently. It is also flexible, in that people can determine what they eat. The downside is, you can make poor dietary choices, yet remain well within your limits, causing consumption of empty calories.

Low Carb Diet

Low carb diets have many sub-categories, like ketogenic diet, Atkins etc. The basic aim of this diet is to reduce the net carbs in diet, limiting them to be 10-30% of the daily caloric intake. The rest is all proteins and fats.

Protein is good for the body as it helps in reducing appetite alongside raising metabolism. Eating sufficient protein also prevents one from losing muscle mass. Healthy fats are good for the body.

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When one eats less carbohydrates, the body is forced to use fats instead for energy. Low carb is very good for quick weight loss, and it is especially useful for burning belly fat.

Low carb diet also helps in reducing the risk of heart disease, hypertension, and insulin sensitivity. However, low carb diets are also very hard to follow. They require a lot of commitment, and one cannot just fall off the wagon without harming their health.

It can also lead to a fatal condition known as ketoacidosis. Therefore, it is best to discuss the merits and demerits of a low carb diet with your Dietitian in Islamabad before opting for it.

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