6 Best Flowers to Send for Birthday

Flowers have so many qualities to fill someone’s day with all the joy and happiness. Whether it’s an occasion or just a normal day, you can send flowers to your loved ones and make them feel special. When it comes to sending your best wishes to your near and dear ones on their birthdays, flowers can be the best-chosen gift ever. If it is your loved one’s birthday and you are looking for the best birthday gift for them, then this time, choose flowers without a second thought. Flowers are the all which can convey your message to your dear ones and wish them a very happy birthday. A few best flowers to send for birthdays are listed below. Have a look at them.


The roses are considered as the evergreen flowers. They can fit into any occasion and prove as the best gift for your near and dear ones. If it is any of your dear one’s birthday, send them roses straight away. The fragrance of roses and their awesome look will make them faint.


When it is time to wish someone a birthday, then send lilies to them without thinking much. Because lilies are considered as the flowers of devotion and purity. So, show your love and devotion to the special person in your life through the lilies. Send a lily flower bouquet on their birthday and wish them love and happiness for a lifetime.


Carnations are one of the best birthday flowers that can be delivered to anyone on their birthdays. Therefore, if you are looking for the best birthday flowers online, then opt for carnations. They will set everything perfect for a birthday wish. After all, they are the great emblem of deep love, passion, and emotion.


The Dahlia flower is one of the best choices for flower lovers. You can send a beautiful dahlia flower bouquet to your dear ones to wish them a happy birthday. These flowers are available in different colours and sizes. You can pick whatever you find perfect for the person you are going to adore on his/her birthday.


When it comes to choosing flowers as a birthday present, you can never go wrong with the tulip flowers. Tulip flowers have all the charm and attraction to faint anyone. So, send tulip flowers as a birthday gift to your darling ones anywhere across the world. You will definitely receive an appreciation for sending these flowers as a gift.


Birthdays are special itself. You can make it extraordinary by sending orchid bouquets to your friends and family on their birthdays. Yes, the orchid flowers have those magical powers to add extra bliss to the joy of occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. So, pick them all and send them to your loved ones and wish the happiest birthday ever.

So, these are the flowers that can be sent to the birthday boy/girl to make their day extra special. You can buy them online from a reputed online florist i.e. Gifola. Yes, Gifola is a leading online florist in India, which serves you with the best flowers for birthdays. Go for it and make your loved ones cherish special days with some extra joy and bliss.