6 Online Marketing Tools To Boost Customer Service

There are several digital marketing tools that are big on functionality and easy on the budget that online businesses can leverage. A seamless implementation of these online marketing tools will help you yield more results, increase ROI, and boost customer service.

In this article, we will look at some highly effective tools that are crucial to excellent customer service delivery for online businesses. How to find best wordpress hosting for your business?

1. Zebrabuzz

Zebrabuzz is an important online marketing tool that combines functionality with amazing prices. It is great for any budget and is loaded with several features that can boost customer service.

You can use Zebrabuzz to automate posts to your social media platforms and interact with customers using a highly intelligent Facebook chatbot. Some of the features of this tool that can improve customer service include:

    • Live chat
    • Subscriber Manager
    • Intelligent Messenger chatbot to automate answers to FAQs
    • Auto reply to comment bot.
    • Facebook auto liker to automatically like customers’ comments.
    • Messenger, email, and SMS broadcasting
    • eCommerce in Messenger to help customers buy and pay via Facebook Messenger.
    • IGSUMO 

IGSUMO is an Instagram automation tool that helps you to simplify tasks and manage your Instagram account. There are a handful of unique features that can help you improve your productivity and, at the same time, boost customer service. Some of these features include:

      • Instagram Publishing
      • Smart auto comment reply bot
      • Auto delete offensive comments.
      • Auto-reply DMs to provide customers with quick answers and solve problems faster.
      • Auto mention to tag users in comments and improve interaction etc.

Like most of the tools in this post, this tool is free to use from the start with great prices for the functionality they offer in the long run.

      • SiteSpeedyUp

A website optimization tool is one of the many online marketing tools that businesses need to boost their customer experience. To ensure your web visitors have a seamless journey on your business website, you must make the site fast and well-optimized. 

The ideal page-loading time is between 2 to 3 seconds. If your website takes longer, you will be losing many customers. This is why it is essential to use tools like SiteSpeedyUp to boost your website speed, including WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and many others. 

With a 100% money-back, if agreed results are not achieved, it is a great shot for you to take in ensuring your website visitors enjoy their time on your page.

      • Google Analytics

The beauty of Google tools is that they are free to use. One of the many online marketing tools that Google offers and you can use to boost your customer service is Google Analytics.

How? Google Analytics can help you track website activity such as pages per session, bounce rate, session duration. You can also track the information on the source of your web traffic.

All these features help you understand your web visitors better to ensure you deliver good services that boost their experiences.

      • Text To Voice (For Training and Explainer Videos)

If you have a product or a tool that may require a little bit of help to use, creating a simple explainer video for your customers will go a long way in boosting their experience.

Online marketers don’t have to use voiceover artists because of the high costs and the number of videos they need to make. Instead, with Text to voice tools like TextVoicer, you can generate human-like voices. 

The AI engine of TextVoice helps online marketers to create tutorial and training videos with voices that are 100% natural and in more than 40 different languages.

It is a one-time subscription tool that is also great on the budget.

      • Virtual Store

A virtual store on Facebook is important in improving customer service because it helps bring your business closer to your customers. 

For example, the eCommerce in Messenger feature of Zebrabuzz ensures customers can buy and make payments directly on Facebook without leaving the platform.

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