6 Trending Sports Shoes for Men

Footwear is as important as any other item of clothing in a man’s wardrobe. They can help dictate the whole vibe of the fit. So, if you want to nail an outfit, start investing in a couple of premium quality sports shoes for men.

Perfect fitting sports shoes can help improve your movement and prevent injuries. Thus, shoes providing comfort and support while making your feet look great are essential to establishing your very own style statement.

6 Best Sports Shoes for Men and Women

There are endless varieties of sports shoes available for both men and women. While the ladies sports shoes are relatively less popular, they are still accessible in a wide range of designs and colors.

Following are some of the most popular sports shoes that can raise the fashion quotient of both men’s and women’s closets.

1. Pegasus 37

Nike’s Pegasus 37 was launched with the new react foam and zoom air in the midsole. This pair of sports shoes has attracted massive popularity amongst the youth due to its cool look. The most significant part of this sports shoe for men is its responsive cushioning.

The streamlined shape of this shoe provides extreme comfort and breathability, and the zoned rubber outsole ensures a firm grip; these features ensure that the shoe fits every man and woman’s foot perfectly.

2. White Sneakers

White-colored sneakers are the perfect choice for men who like to keep it casual. It is easy go-to casual footwear that can be styled in countless ways, and with the casual aesthetic as popular as ever, every man should have a pair or two in their wardrobe. Easily pair these shoes with your home-run staples like shorts, T-shirts, chinos, jeans, denim, and button-down shirts.

The versatility of white sneakers makes them a good choice for both men and women. They are good to go as ladies’ sports shoes too. For people who don’t like wearing overly formal shoes, white sneakers are ideal. They are comfortable, durable, and make you look smart enough to wear for your daily activities.

3. New Balance Fuelcell Rebel V2

The completely redesigned New Balance V2 has secured a position in every sneaker-lovers heart. It consists of high-performance RC Elite foam, making it super comfortable and easy to wear. In addition, the Fuelcell midsole is soft and responsive, which makes it versatile for long and fast runs and everything in between.

This recent sports shoe from New Balance is no more unnecessarily bulky over the foot, and the breathable mesh has increased interior comfort. The available pairs also have a stylish design, so you can wear them for hanging out with friends as well as for semi-formal events.

4. Asics Gel Nimbus 24

Theshoe is a highly comfortable pair with uber-cushioning. It is the latest model with updated features like its dual-density foam midsole, which is soft, responsive, and best for seamless runs at slow speeds. The spacious design and flawless cushioning make the Nimbus 24 a perfect choice for runners.

5. Reebok Float Ride

If you want a pair of sports shoes that are comfortable to run in, then Float ride is for you. Its foaming provides enough support at every step and makes movements responsive. In addition, it has an irritation-free, friction-free technology that enhances your performance. Your feet can breathe, and you can feel relaxed due to its mesh engineering. With a rubber sole, supportive heel cradle, and lower heel irritation, Float Ride is the ultimate shoe for people who like to go for a daily run.

6. Trainers

As the name suggests, trainers are the shoes wearing which you can do extensive training. From cardio exercise to heavy lifting at the gym or a quick run on the ground, trainers are one of the best sports shoes for men.

Trainers are designed to help you maintain a strong foot grip and gain momentum. While choosing your trainers for working out, keep in mind features like lightweight, durability, and breathability. Besides, trainers are so stylish that you can also wear them for a casual meeting with friends, a trip to the market, or even a date.


Sports shoes are an essential part of an all-round wardrobe. They are the most common variety of shoes that you can wear to run errands as well as hang out with your friends. The sheer versatility and comfort of sports shoes for men and women is the best thing about them. The above list has some of the top choices of people who wear sports shoes regularly. However, comfort can mean different things for everyone so choose the pair of sports shoes most suitable for you and get quality products at the best price.

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