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Traveler trip – a word that can make people excited within a second. There are very few people who don’t like traveling. Indeed, trips to different places are beneficial too. How? Let us know the facts. 

Many philosophers delivered their opinions about traveling. Some of them said that traveling is one thing you can cost as per your wish. It never makes you poorer; instead, it makes you richer by enriching you with immense knowledge. Besides that, a trip can make our minds refreshed. New things, new ideas, or outstanding natural sceneries remove our monotony and refill with new energy.

A Japan trip is a dream for most tourists. Japan indeed is one of the most costly countries in the world. You should keep in mind the costs and routes while traveling to Japan. Please make a plan before starting for Japan. You can find every necessary detail on Google.

You can go for Japan trips by Cathay Dragon, Thai Lion Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and Singapore Airlines through transit. It takes 8 to 16 hours to reach, depending on which airlines you will use.


Kyoto stands in Honshu Island. It was the capital city and the palace of the Emperor of Japan from 794 to 1868.

Numerous temples and pagodas of outstanding beauties are situated here. Some places where visitors can visit are- 

Nijo Castle: It was the house of a military dictator. Later his grandson made it a tourist place. In 1994, UNESCO acknowledged it as a world heritage site.

Kyoto Imperial Palace: This place was the palace of the king till 1868. Sento palace is one of the historical places situated here.

Kyoto Manga Museum: This museum started its journey in 2006.  It is a three-storeyed museum. Manga is a Japanese comic or graphic novel with sides of this work.

Some other exciting places are Kyoto Aquarium, Kyoto Tower, Kyoto National Museum, Arashiyama, etc.

Tokyo: Tokyo is the capital of Japan with several old architectural structures and modern establishments. 

Some exciting places of Tokyo are-

Tokyo Skytree: It is a watchtower situated in Sumida, Japan. Skytree is a 634-meter high tower that stepped for the first time in March 2011. There are two observation decks for the visitors on 350 and 450-meter high.

Tokyo Tower: This is the second high tower in Japan with 333-meter high. There are structural similarities between Eiffel Tower and this tower. 

Tokyo’s other tourist spots are- Meiji Jingu, Imperial Palace, Tokyo National Museum, Obaida, Mount Mitake, Edo Tokyo Museum,  Izu island, etc.

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Privileges of the Residence Permit or Citizenship

Being a Japanese citizen is a dream of many people.  Let’s see the benefits you can get from being a Japanese citizen.

  • You can live in Japan permanently and get all the privileges of a citizen.
  • Japanese passport is the best passport in the world. It does not need any visa for traveling around the world.
  • After being a Japanese citizen, you can live abroad as per your wish. And there is no restriction for returning to Japan.
  • You can invest abroad without any hamper.
  • For getting these advantages by being a Japanese citizen, you have to fulfill some conditions at first.
  • You have to live in Japan for at least five years or more.
  • Your age should be 20 years or over as per your national law.
  • You must be a well-mannered person. 
  • It would help if you obeyed the Japanese constitution sincerely. 

If traveling is your passion, then Japan is one of the best options for you. A tourist can gather a lot of knowledge. A history lover gets a lot of historical information, and a nature lover can refresh his mind. A cultural person can learn about different cultures and taste so many delicious foods here. 

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