A List of the Best Dog Breedsfor Small Spaces and Apartments

For those of you who are longing to have a little doggy in your life, but aren’t sure if your small living quarters is adequate enough – don’t fear. Even if you have a small space or apartment there are still a wide variety of dog breeds you can own. 

While some breeds aren’t happy to stay in small spaces, others are quite happy with a little less room. Adopting or purchasing a dog breed that needs a lot of space and outdoor time will only result in a very unhappy and destructive pooch. 

Even though indoor pups are happy with the little space, you still have to keep them entertained and active. It’s the owner’s responsibility to keep their indoor pups happy by playing different indoor games and creating a safe place where they feel comfortable in. If you aren’t sure how you can keep your pup happy and active indoors, then read this guide of 33 fun indoor activities. 

If you are considering getting a pup for your small space or apartment, then consider any one of the following befitting breeds: 

1. French Bulldogs

Although pure bred French Bulldogs can be quite expensive, they are one of the most eligible dog breeds for a confined space. French Bulldogs are a bit smaller than their nephew the Bulldog and they’ve been popular breeds since the 18th century. 

They are great to keep in a small apartment because they don’t need as much exercise as other breeds. A short walk around the building or in the downstairs garden is enough to keep them active and physically healthy. 

Another plus of this breed is that they aren’t prone to barking a lot. Which is great news for the neighbors. 

2. Pug

Pugs have gained popularity over the last decade especially because of their adaptability. They are just as cute as they are ugly and their little legs contribute to their interesting physical appeal. 

They are mischievous creatures that are very loveable and love attention. Their short legs do prohibit them from jumping up on couches and beds and you might have to invest in little doggy stairs to give them a booster. 

Pugs can be easily house trained, as long as you have a lot of treats to blackmail them with. They love cuddling with their owners and have a real at-home personality. There is a dogs breed guide article available online that discusses the origin and history of this dog in-depth. 

3. Greyhound

One might think that Greyhounds need a lot of room to run in because they are one of the world’s fastest dogs. The truth is, Greyhounds are extremely lazy. They love sleeping and lounging around and studies have proven that they sleep more than 70% of the day. This makes them a perfect apartment pet since they can happily snooze off while you are at work. 

As long as you take them for regular running sessions at the dog park, they’ll be happy as can be. 

4. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus were first popularized as a dog breed that was bred to live in royalty within Chinese palaces. They are adorable little doggies who love to be groomed and treated like royalty. 

They are great with kids and become quite an intricate part of the family, no matter the space available. Shih Tzus love luxury and therefore is extremely adaptable inside. 

5. German Spitz

The cute fox-like doggy is the perfect addition to any family living in a small space. They are extremely loyal to their owners and don’t mind lounging on the couch or snoozing off in their favorite spot during the day. German Spitz dogs need little exercise and as long as you keep them entertained with some indoor games, they will remain happy. 

Be cautious though, as this breed have a tendency to bark at sounds within the building or strangers coming to visit. Luckily, they can be trained to bark only when necessary.

6. Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested dog breed isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s interesting display of skin and spotted tuffs of hair will definitely make you stand out. Because of their exposed skin, the Chinese Crested shouldn’t be exposed to the sun’s dangerous rays too often. This makes them a perfect indoor pooch. They are loveable and adorning little creatures who get along with all members of the family quite easily. 

7. Maltese

The cute white Maltese is the perfect lap dog. They are excellent for accompanying the elderly and are also great with children. Weighing almost half the size of its Havanese counterpart, the Maltese weighs not more than 7 pounds. 

They are playful in nature and can keep themselves entertained with a small doggy toy around the house. Maltese are very loyal and love sharing sleep space with its human. 

Even though you might love a certain breed of dog and would really like to have one, you should really consider the space you have available for it. Some pooches will become destructive and even depressed when they don’t get enough exercise or when they are cooped up inside. It is recommended by vets that you should only get a dog in your apartment if you tick five of the boxes within this check list: https://www.abc.net.au/everyday/can-you-have-a-dog-when-living-in-apartment/10682698

Getting any one of the above-mentioned pooches for your small apartment will result in a happy and loving household.